6 Classroom Décor and Organization Ideas for Teachers

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Admit it … you love decorating your classroom before the year begins. What better excuse to spend hours on Pinterest and indulge in a little shopping? Because nothing helps beat the back-to-school blues like a little organization-inspiration-retail therapy, here are six more ideas to get your classroom ready for the new school year.


  1. Keep supplies organized and visible by using candy jars to store paper clips, pens, erasers, magnets, markers, crayons and pencils. (It never hurts to have a sweet treat on hand, either!)

World’s Most Awesome Elementary School Teacher

Chalkboard Candy Jar

Teacher’s Red Ink Pen


  1. Sticker charts are a cute, fun way to track your students reading, behavior, homework assignments and more.

Teacher Motivational Star Sticker

WOW Classroom Sticker

Math Whizz Sticker

#1 Reader Bookworm Star Sticker


  1. Keep yourself on track with a custom Teacher Organization Binder that holds all your grades, calendars and student information. Make a tab for important information like schedules, class list, transportation details and anything else that may come in handy for yourself or a substitute teacher. A Student Data tab helps you keep track of student’s contact info and parent/teacher conference times. You can also create tabs for Staff Meeting Notes, Lesson Plan Ideas and Testing Calendar.

Red Apple Aqua Chevron Binder

Personalized Teacher Binder


Outfit your binder with a small calendar for an extra organizational boost.

Date & Notes at a Glance Calendar


  1. You may want to leave your walls mostly bare to make room for student work, but it’s always nice to add a little color and set the tone for incoming students.

Teacher’s Class Rules Poster

Personalized Classroom Rules Poster


  1. Kids will beg for reading time when you create a cozy little reading corner packed with pillows.

Read ‘Til the Cows Come Home Pillow

Library Card Throw Pillow

  1. Keep your desk organized by using a stylish acrylic tray to keep essentials like post-it notes, notebooks and other desktop essentials.

Periodic Table Elements Spelling Teacher Tray

Teaching Touches Life Forever Tray

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