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If you’re a Zazzle Designer, we think you’ll like the new features and incentives we’ll be rolling over the next few months to help you accelerate your earnings on our platform.

Today, we’re excited to invite you to join in the Beta testing of our new member profiles and enhanced storefronts. We’ve given them a total makeover so you can show off your unique brand better than ever! Join in our Beta to create an eye-catching personalized experience for your customers that shows why you — and your designs – are so special.
Here are some tips to get you started updating your profile and storefronts. If you start now, you’ll have everything looking great before the official launch to the public in a couple of weeks.


Getting Access to the Beta:

If you log into one of your stores or into your profile, you’ll see a banner at the top that asks you to try out the beta. Clicking on the link will allow you to see how your new store and profile will look.



A couple of things to remember about this beta: the new store and profile will only be visible to you, so the general public at large will not see the changes you’re making, or the new look of your profile or stores. Any updates you make will be reflected in your stores and profiles when this initiative is launched.


You can flip back and forth from the beta view to the current publicly visible version of your stores and profiles just click by clicking on this button.




To make certain that you have your store and profile looking great and ready to be live, use the ‘Preview Public Store’ button to see how it will look to all of your customers when we launch.




Your New Profile:


The easiest way to get to your profile is by clicking on your member profile icon, right next to the shopping cart.




This will jump you right to your member profile home page. This is an aggregation of all the different content you have created as a member on Zazzle, such as designs in progress and collections you have created.




My Products >


The ‘My Products’ tab is essentially all the designs owned by you as a member on Zazzle, rather than the public products you have for sale in your store/s. These include your saved designs or private products, as well as any products you’ve submitted for review and those that need revision before publishing.




Likes >


The ‘Likes’ tab is a collection of all of the products you’ve ‘liked’ on Zazzle as either a designer or a member by clicking on the heart icon by any product. It’s a great place to showcase your style and the things you like.




‘Likes’ has a privacy setting so, if you’d rather keep your likes to yourself, you can simply select the Edit button and change the visibility to Private.




Collections >


The ‘Collections’ tab shows all the different Collections you’ve created as a member. The difference between this Collections tab and the one you’ll find in your store(s) is that those Collections are store-specific.




Within each collection, you have the option to specify visibility for that collection. This allows you to do is create a Collection and specify whether it is a public or private Collection, and if it is a public Collection, which of your store(s) you would like to use to display that Collection.




Images >


Images will show you your entire image library and will allow you to edit and modify images as you’ve done before.




Stores >

The ‘Stores’ tab will have a listing of all of the different stores you have on Zazzle. We’ve added some functionality to allow you to filter your stores by stores that you’ve pinned or the any that you’ve set as public or private. Clicking on any one of the stores here will jump you to the home page for that store.




Activity >


Your ‘Activity’ tab is where all the content lives that you’ll be generating as a member on Zazzle. If you’ve bought anything on Zazzle, you’ll have the opportunity to make comments about them under the ‘Products to Review’ link. Then there are reviews you’ve already written about other products you’ve purchased under ‘Reviews by Me.’ The third link, ‘Reviews Received’, will show any reviews that customers from your own stores have submitted about your products.


Lastly, there is a ‘Comments’ section that will show you all of the comments you’ve made on different stores, as well as those you’ve made as a designer on different products.




Settings >

The ‘Settings’ tab is where you’ll want to go to edit all the different information that shows up on your profile.




If you look under the Social Networks link on the left side, you’ll note we’ve added a few new options like Instagram and Pinterest.




Under the Advanced Settings link, we’ve put a module that allows you to manage the sections that are visible on your home page. You can choose which sections you’d like to appear, and then drag and drop each section to change the order in which they will be displayed on your public member profile Home tab.




Your New Store/s:

There’s an easy shortcut to get to your stores from this Settings page! On the left hand side of the page, you’ll see a drop -own menu of all your different stores. This is a great way to jump between your member profile and your different storefronts.





Another way to jump to your store is to hover over your member icon at the top of the navigation bar and choose one of your stores from the ‘My Stores’ list.




The Banner:

The new banner is one of the biggest differences you’ll see in your stores. In your previous banners, you could include whatever you wanted – your store name or a photograph. Now, the banner acts as an eye-catching background. On that background, we’ll be overlaying your logo, store name and location. Choose a background that doesn’t interfere with the placement of those additional elements. Also, choose an image that adds texture and speaks to the aesthetic of your store. (Minimum size should be 1140 x 315. If you use an image that is larger, you’ll be shown the option to crop to the correct banner size.)

Please Note: The new banner is full-width and responsive, which means that the visible portion of the image will adjust based on the size of your browser window or the platform it is being viewed on (desktop, mobile). The wider your browser window, the more zoomed in the image will appear. Try to use a higher resolution image to prevent any loss of image quality when the banner is viewed on a high resolution display. This is also another reason to use a banner without any text or position sensitive areas that may not be visible based on how it’s being viewed.

For more tips on store and profile banners, see our blog post here!




From here on, you’ll notice that many of the tabs are similar to what you saw within your new Profile. ‘Home,’ ‘Products,’ ‘Collections,’ and ‘Settings’ are very similar – they are now just specific to the store you’re viewing. The ‘Comments’ and ‘Reviews’ tabs are where posts will show up for this particular store and products.





‘Preview Public Store’ >


You have the choice of looking at your store in Private mode as the owner of the store or as the Public will see it. If I’m the owner of the store I’m looking at, I’m going to see a lot more tabs and functionality available to me than if I were a customer looking at the store. If you’re a member of the public or you’re just visiting your store (not logged in), you’ll still see a different version of the store where items made private will not be visible and so on. We’ve made it very easy to toggle between the two views!




There are two other areas we want to point out:


Store Completion >


On the home page of each store, you’ll notice a percentage given on your store’s completion. The points below the total give you quick and easy ways to round out your profile so that your store will look better to the public. This is also a great way to see any aspects of your store or profile that you may have missed!




Media >


Under the ‘Settings’ tab, you’ll also see a link for ‘Media’ on the left hand side. This allows you to upload photos or videos that celebrate your designs and inspiration or showcase your brand. These media items will be displayed in the ‘Media’ section of your Home page tab, as well as in your store’s ‘About’ tab.




Comments, Questions or Suggestions:


If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions on our new storefronts and profiles, we’d love to hear from you! Once you’ve opted into the new store or profile, you’ll see a banner up in the upper left hand corner that links to us and allows you to send an email.




We hope you’ll take full advantage and use the new storefronts and profiles as a way to grab the attention of many more customers with your great designs. And we hope you’re as excited as we are about the tools and initiatives we’ll be releasing over the coming months to make our Designer experience even better. Stay tuned for our next announcement!


Thanks as always for being our partners!

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43 thoughts on “Learn More about Our New Profiles and Storefronts”

  1. I don’t see the “Contact the designer” area. How are customers going to be able to contact us for special requests?

    1. Great question!

      If you are on the beta view of one of your stores, head over to the ‘Settings’ tab. On this tab, you will see a checkbox labeled “Enable users to contact you through Zazzle (messages will be sent to the email address below)”. Checking this box and entering your chosen email address will allow customers to contact you directly.

      Hope that helps!

        1. Hi Melissa,

          On each of your product pages, under the product itself there is the section listing “Artwork designed by” which gives your store name. Under your store name, there is a link called “Ask this Designer” which will allow a customer to send an email to your directly. I’m seeing this enabled in your store.

          Hope that helps!

  2. Liz, this comprehensive, clearly-written and well-illustrated overview is greatly appreciated.

  3. Will we be able to make our reviews and comments on other stores and products private? I don’t necessarily want to share these.

    I have to say that I’m disappointed not to be able to upload a banner design that incorporates my store name in a font of my choosing. I guess it would be redundant to have my store name twice. I’d prefer to have control over the entire banner and not have my avatar overlaid.

    1. If you are commenting on the store or products of another designer, that designer will be able to choose whether or not to display those comments. If you’re looking to communicate directly with another designer (not publicly), I would recommend checking if they have the “Ask this designer” option enabled. Hope that helps!

    2. I don’t mind the avatar, it’s my logo which I’d want there anyway, but I don’t get the banner area at all. I created the size as listed above and it stretches it to the point of cutting everything off. I agree with Peggy, we need to be able to upload a banner image with our own typography and design, knowing it will fit – at least for those of us smart enough to create one which will enhance that which is laying over the banner.

      1. Hi Liz,

        I see the Review tab on the products in each of our store on the Manage Store side, but how do I show that Reviews Tab in my public storefront? I’d love customers to be able to get a warm fuzzy with all the great reviews. I know I like to read reviews when I shop at other places. Can we make that something that shows in our public storefronts?

  4. I don’t see categories in the new layout, will they still exist? Maybe I don’t know where to look. Or should I organize my products in a different way?

    1. Yes! You still have the ability to create categories within each of your stores, and the option to display those categories on your storefront. You can create and manage categories on the “Products” tab of your store view, and you can go to your Settings tab and choose Advanced Settings to configure which sections appear on your storefront – Categories is an option there.

      Hope that helps!

  5. Hi Liz,

    Is there a way – or would you please consider adding if not – to show REVIEWS tab in the public store views?

    I would love for customers to read the reviews on my products so they would get that warm fuzzy that we as customers at other locations before making a purchase.

  6. Can you please clarify example of the media section? Would this be anything even if my design is not on it?Also, I have shared my collections and it is still saying I need to share one. Thanks.

    1. The media section is a place for you to showcase things like images that inspire you, maybe in-progress photos of your designs, real-life photos of your Zazzle products, or any other media that can show customers more about you and your process as a Designer.

      You may need to wait a bit for our servers to catch up once you’ve completed a section shown in the profile completion area. Thanks!

  7. Does anything have to do with our royalties if we do not get to 100%, and will they stay at 100% or do we have to do anything more to keep them as such?

    Thank you.

    1. Hello!

      If you’re referring to the area showing you the percent completion of your profile, this is just for your own information so that you can make the most of your store and profile. Your profile and store information have no bearing on your royalty rates, which are set by you per product.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Awesome, that puts a lot of us at ease as another POD did something similar and did effect our royalty and rankings if not kept up.

        You are missed at the forum, but Christine and Finabarr doing a great job also.

  8. Sorry … I didn’t realize this was already posting and not doing so as a new post.

    Hi Liz,

    I see the Review tab on the products in each of our store on the Manage Store side, but how do I show that Reviews Tab in my public storefront? I’d love customers to be able to get a warm fuzzy with all the great reviews. I know I like to read reviews when I shop at other places. Can we make that something that shows in our public storefronts?

  9. Can you clarify the difference between categories and collections? I have 10 categories set up for customers to find what they need and adding collections seems redundant.


    1. Hi Shari,

      One way to think of it would be that categories are a way for you to organize your own products in your store, for your own management as the store owner. Collections are more of a visual and customer-friendly way to showcase coordinating products by theme or type. You can also have one product in multiple collections, unlike categories, and collections are easily shareable to get the word out. Here is another blog post with some more information on Collections that may help: https://blog.zazzle.com/2015/05/01/curate-and-share-your-favorites-with-zazzle-collections/


  10. Hi Liz,

    I see the Reviews tab on on our Management side of the tool, but wonder if there is a way to show that Reviews Tab in my public storefronts? I’d love customers to be able to get a warm fuzzy with all the great reviews. I know I like to read reviews when I shop at other places. Is there a way to make that something that shows in our public storefronts?

    Sorry to keep asking, but am hopeful to hear your thoughts.

  11. in the products section I cant seem to find the number of views area? I found this to be quite useful as I would tailor future design styles to resemble my current products that were getting the most attention. is it gone or am I just missing it?

    1. When you share your Collection outside of Zazzle, your referral ID is included. So, if a customer comes to Zazzle via your Collections link, you will receive a referral for any purchases made by that customer within that session.

  12. Hi Liz
    Starting to see some great traffic and comments on some of my networks on the collections. I do have a question hope you can weigh in on.

    I have noticed some people are adding blank templates, and one design to all products using the collection feature. Do you have some guidelines for us on how this new feature is best utilized?

    What I have been doing is adding for example “Tropical Isle Designer Bathrooms” then adding products that go well for that room in the design featured. Or if clothing, a design and accesories “bags, pendants to match. If I do make say a general abstract collection say for pillows, this is where not sure how many I should or should not be adding or do it at all as its not category or store but collection. Therefore, sure could use a little assistance on the direction the collections are best suited for.

    Thank you in Advance for your help and working with us.

    Tink and Bob

    1. Hi Tink and Bob,

      That’s great news! I’m not quite sure I understand your question, but in general Collections are a way to feature coordinating or similar products by a certain theme, use, or product type. It’s really up to you what you think is a great selection of products that a customer would like to see all at once! The number of products in a collection is also up to you, but I would keep it at a number that is reasonable for a customer to glance through, to make them stand out from the large number of products available in one entire store or the marketplace as a whole.

      Hope that helps!


      1. Yes Liz that helps. A lot of people were worried that some were posting hundreds of blank templates with Add Name or Design and wondered if that was acceptable and/or example; a polka dot item on all products like the QC does.

        guess it is what one considers a collection. I like your take on it. Thanks again.

    1. Hi there,

      I’m seeing 35 products in your store! Newly created products can take up to 24 hours to appear publicly on our site. If you have specific questions about your products, please get in touch with our Support team who will be happy to help: http://www.zazzle.com/about/contactus


  13. Hi Liz. i hope you can help with a couple of things. The first is a design thing that’s frustrating me: On my shop page, my square logo over my main banner is obscuring the home and product tabs, is there any way of moving it? Secondly some products are refusing to appear for sale, despite being posted 4 days ago, is it me going mad, or a zazzle thing? if you could shine some light on either problem it would be great, thanks Martin

    1. Hi Martin,

      I’m not seeing your issue with your store logo so this sounds like a browser/display issue. For both this issue and your questions about your products, your best bet is to reach out to our Customer Support team directly for more help: http://www.zazzle.com/about/contactus


  14. Liz thanks very much for your tutorial class. Well I am a baby in this area of the computer and business by internet. How can I show some of the products in the banner over the background? is that a good idea? thanks and God bless you more.

    1. Hi Gloria,

      Store banners are created entirely by you, so the creation and ideas behind the content of your banner are up to you! You can find resources for creating graphics using images of your designs and/or products and more online using programs like Photoshop and Gimp.


    2. Just an FYI – once you create a product, you can “right” click on it, and select “copy image”. Copy this to a folder on your computer. It’s nice to have several items that relate. Then with whatever software you are using, create a banner from those images. It can be just those images, or include whatever artwork you want.

      This is what I did for a collection of cell phone designsL http://www.zazzle.com/collections/phone_covers_cases-119436246107693362 (you will have to copy/past in your browser)

      Or if the collection is one design: http://www.zazzle.com/collections/christmas_wreath-119352775308718296

      Hope that helps a little

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