5 Photo-Saving Ideas Beyond the Scrapbook

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Scrapbooks are a beautiful and creative way to keep a record of your most cherished memories. But, for many of us, the time and crafty inclination required for such keepsakes mean that our favorite photos stay right in our camera, computer, or phone without the chance to shine.

For those of us who want to showcase our photos without the commitment to crafting, it’s time to think outside the scrapbook. Here are 5 ideas for fun and useful displays of your favorite photos.

1. Wood Canvas Prints

Wall art doesn’t have to be average! Make a really stylish display of your photos by printing them on a unique wood canvas.


2. USB flash drives

Now here’s an idea that does double duty! Make your own digital scrapbook by customizing a special USB flash drive to save all of your photos from a special event or time. A featured photo on an attractive wood drive turns it into a special keepsake – and you’ll never forget what it’s saving for you!

3. Jewelry

Why not wear your favorite photos? Take your loved ones with you wherever you go with a photo charm, ring, bracelet, or necklace.

4. Pillows

Snuggle up with your family members even when they’re not around! A comfy pillow featuring a fun photo collage turns any room into a one-of-a-kind showcase for your favorite times.

5. Electronics Cases

Who doesn’t love the ease of snapping a quick pic with their smart phone? Show off your favorites from Instagram or Facebook on the outside of your device as well! Create a custom collage of your favorite snaps that will have everyone asking how you created it.

What’s your anti-scrapbook idea for photo fun?

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