Laughing All the Way to the White House

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The US presidential elections are 445 days away – well over a year! – and yet everyday there seems to be something about Iowa, Trump, or Clinton all over the news. Unless you live and breathe D.C. policy, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the issues and policies at stake!


Even for those of us who love learning and discussing actual policy and implications, it can get a little stressful to debate the pros and cons of said policies. What to do when it seems like political talk is everywhere? Deflect with humor!


Humor is a great way to join the political conversation without focusing on any disagreements. We’ve noticed even politicians are using humor during the election! Did everyone see Hillary’s official Everyday Pantsuit Tee? Or Rand Paul’s Hilary’s Hard Drive with Wiping Cloth?

Why are politicians suddenly taking such a lighthearted approach to politics? Perhaps it’s because they understand that for the first time, millennial voters (defined as those born between 1981 and 2000) will actually surpass the “baby boomer” voting population. Many millennial voters have grown up listening to sources like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and often have a very different viewpoint than those before them. Humor is a huge part of this media. In the news, the products that are getting the most PR attention are the funny ones – like our Bernie Sander’s “Feel the Bern” MoHotta Hot sauce.

My favorite? Barbie for President! I believe she is the only candidate who has been a politician, business woman, doctor AND mermaid! Talk about a boatload of experience. 🙂

What fun and creative political products can you make on Zazzle?

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