Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Banners

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Get ready to shout it from the rooftops, say it big and bold – it’s time to get the word out that Zazzle just launched banners! Banners represent a huge opportunity for our Designers, our customers, our small business friends and more, that we’re excited to dip our toes in.

To get started with this great new product, we launched four different banner sizes in either horizontal or vertical orientations, and in either indoor or outdoor vinyl options. No matter the size or location of your important message, you’ll be able to find the perfect option for telling the world! Our outdoor material is even available with metal grommets for easy and durable display, and we’ll be adding even more hanging accessories in the future.

This product is sure to provide all sorts of creative opportunities for our Designers! Here are a few tips for our designer friends to help your product catch eyes:

  • Make your message clearly legible and easy to comprehend.
    • According to experts, certain color combinations help the eyes focus better. Suggested color combinations include: black on white, white on blue/black, yellow on black, etc. Make sure the colors are far enough apart on the color scale to make a visual impact!
    • Look at the size of the banner and adjust your font size accordingly. Make sure your design is legible.
  • Keep it simple. Unlike invitations or other products where the design can be delicate and intricate, the best banners usually feature simple and clean graphics easily get the message across.
  • Design for the size. Unlike some of our other products, the design areas for the 4 different banner sizes are very different. Due to these unique size options, customers will not be able to choose a different size banner than what you have published. When designing, think strategically about the size and objective of your banner.
  • Think about display. The orientation of your banner can be just as important as its content. Generally, business-related themes tend to do well in a vertical orientation for corporate display, and consumer designs for occasions and events look great in a horizontal orientation for wall hanging.
  • Big and bold. Make your banners vibrant and visually appealing. The easier it is for you banner to pop on a computer screen, the easier it will be to pop in real life.
  • Templates, templates, templates. Just like invitations, most customers aren’t looking to start from scratch. Add template objects to your designs so your customers can easily customize the wording or specific graphic elements, and you’ll be able to make a quicker sale! Win-win.
  • Check bleed lines and safe area. When adding a design to a banner, make sure you keep the edges relatively free of design elements (other than background) so your customers can easily hang the banners without covering up important information

Here are some categories we think will be especially popular for our new banners to get you started:

  • Parties & Gatherings: Weddings, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Bridal showers, Wedding anniversaries, Family Reunions, bat mitzvah/bar mitzvah
  • School Related: Graduation, Sports teams
  • Fundraising events
  • Holidays: 4th of July, Halloween, Valentines Day, Chinese New Years, Diwali, Yom Kippur, Easter. Think beyond US holidays! Zazzle is an international company with over 17 different domains! How can you include our international friends?
  • Welcome Home
  • Campaign & Elections
  • Business Openings, Sales & Promotions, “Coming Soon”
  • Gyms, Bars & Restaurants
  • Craft & Fair Banners
  • Real estate, accounting, and tax businesses
  • Religious and church groups
  • Town hall & Government meetings
  • Hospital & health care

What other creative banner uses can you think of?


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6 thoughts on “Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Banners”

  1. Hi Monica!

    This is great news!
    One product we would love to get on zazzle is FatHeads – custom wall art –
    We sell bulk popcorn to people for their wedding receptions, baby showers, large parties, etc and they always comment that people are asking where they got the popcorn – we would like to be able to hang something up – we could do a banner – but a fathead is cool too!

    Eric aka”PopcornDude”

  2. There’s a lot of uses for banners I didn’t even think of! I agree that it’s best to make your signs simple, but bold, because it will help them to stand out. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  3. You should aim to attract the attention of maximum people so they do not just pass by after the first glimpse, and rather they start reading your message even if they are in a hurry. A complex and many-worded message should be avoided, and you need to think very much on your wording because the space for putting your message is already small in teardrop banners.

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