Babies Can Be Hipsters Too

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Dust off that fixed-gear bike, adjust those big black-framed glasses and find some mustache wax – there’s a new cool kid in town. That’s right, hipster gear isn’t just for the college set anymore. Admit it – your baby was cool before even entering the world. Have some fun with a popular trend and meet Hipster Baby!

A hip little one’s gear doesn’t have to be baby bland. Accessorizing with a cheeky bib can make messy mealtimes a little more fun. Organic low-fat soy milk, anyone?



One-stop outfits are the way to go when wiggling little limbs make dressing time a challenge. Get a grin wherever you tote your tyke with a cute ironic bodysuit. Don’t worry, Hipster Baby, these are available in organic cotton!

Zazzle tip: Have you found the funniest design for baby ever, but it’s on a shirt for big people? No problem! Most apparel designs on our site can be easily switched to a baby shirt or bodysuit style – just click on “See all styles”!

Top off their look with a hipster-perfect beanie. Sure, it’s still summer – it’s a fashion statement, mom!


Uh-oh, the mainstream found out about Hipster Baby’s favorite underground music! Time for an ironic and/or adorable pacifier to feel better and nap it out.

 Bare diapers are so last month. Keep looking cool with a sassy diaper cover that no other baby has.


Your baby is as fun and unique as you are. Show them the world can be custom-made just for them – hipster qualities not required!


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