Creating a Great-Looking Banner for Your Store or Profile

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Some of our Designers have had questions about the banners you can add to your new, soon-to-launch profiles and storefronts. Here are a few pointers on creating an image that will best represent you and your brand.


Your banner must be greater than 1140 x 315 pixels or 3.8” x 1.05” inches to appropriately fill out the space. You can upload a larger image if you want to ensure that your banner looks crisp at most resolutions. The important thing to remember is that the image should have an aspect ratio of 76:21.


The image you upload is meant to be a backdrop and it should convey what your overall store or brand is about.


bound journals banner


If you’re lacking inspiration on what imagery to feature, think about showing an array of your products or use an image that lends texture or represents the emotions or feelings you want to conjure up when people think of either you or your store.



zazzle art banner


The design should not contain your logo or the name of your store; it’s already being added in by our template. We also advise against using text of any kind in your banner. Text cannot be translated and, depending on where the text is positioned, it may be cutoff or hidden if the viewer is using a high resolution display.


banner blog 3


Because we’re using responsive web design in building your storefronts and profiles, your banner will fluidly change and respond to fit any screen or device size. Your banner will also adapt in size when your browser window is either expanded or made smaller. This is another reason to avoid including text or other important information in your banner, as it may not be visible as the banner automatically adjusts.


Banner image with browser window at 1200px wide:

1200 px banner


Same banner image with browser window at 1900px wide:

1900 px banner



The darker gradient along the bottom of the banner is also automatically added so that your logo and store name stand apart and are more visible against the background you’ve chosen.


If you’re not happy with your banner at any time, you can always update it by pressing the ‘Update Banner’ button. This button only comes into view when you roll your cursor onto the banner itself. This button will not appear in ‘preview’ mode.


z invitations banner


Good luck with your banners and we’re excited to see all the personality and flair that comes out in your designs!

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21 thoughts on “Creating a Great-Looking Banner for Your Store or Profile”

    1. I totally agree. My branding includes lots of white…which just looks dirty and gray with the new banner set up…

  1. It would be really nice to be able to remove/turn off the dark gradient on the bottom of our banner. It’s a distraction and makes it difficult to work with. Overall, it looks unprofessional. I want use a colorful banner and this prevents me from doing so.

  2. What program do you suggest we use or download to create these banners…I paid a ton to have the old ones created…what do you use? I am not a computer geek:(( and really don’t want to pay someone again to create the new ones?????

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      As with all Zazzle content, your banners should be entirely original creations (not something downloaded from the internet, which most likely falls under copyright protection) to which you own full rights. You can use image editing programs such as PhotoShop, Paint, Gimp, etc. to create an image which fits the size requirements for banners.

      Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Murray,

      You can find all of the reviews you have written on the “Activity” tab in your Zazzle profile, which you can find by clicking on your member icon in the top navigation bar when you are logged in to Zazzle. On the left of your Activity tab, click on “Reviews By Me”, then click on the garbage can icon next to the review you would like to remove.

      Hope that helps!

    1. Banners are just like any other content on Zazzle, and should be created by you! The background can be anything of your choosing.

      1. Thanks, Liz. I just noticed that some of the stores have some very polished banners (some look like staged desktops with floral arrangements, gold candlesticks and the same gold scissors)—thought maybe Zazzle provided them to storeowners or possibly Zazzle could direct us to where these images can be purchased. Thanks.

    1. Hi Buu,

      A Zazzle store or profile banner is simply a large image (greater than 1140 x 315 pixels) that we crop for you to the right dimensions. You can use software like Photoshop or Gimp (a free editing software) to help you create and size images.


  3. I was having a hard time making mine look un-garbled, and I went with a size of 1920×315 and it finally looks good to me!

  4. In an unpublished Store the banner appears very fuzzy and far larger than it’s native resolution. Maybe it’ll be better tomorrow? 🙂

  5. The gradient completely ruins it!Totally unnecessary. This ‘design’ help of yours above, Liz R, is completely useless due to the adaptive main shop banner making it near impossible to make a banner that looks good. WHAT you need is a comprehensive help page to produce a shop banner that will work in most situations. Bit like the collections banners, which actually make our products look good and yet don’t need to be adaptive. Why have a banner system that potentially makes shops look bad?

  6. I have a stupid question. How do designers manage to get their products on their banner like the ones in your article? My first thought was to take a screenshot of them and then extract them to add them to the banner file. Not easy if the product is white on a white background. I do work in Photoshop. Any advice?

    1. Hi Beverly,

      The banners in this post were creating by taking photographs of the products and then processing in Photoshop.

      Hope this helps!

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