Custom Home Decor Tip Guest Blog: Decorative Plates

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Today’s guest blog comes to us from decor expert Emily!

Emily is a Bay Area based Interior Designer who also does events. What she loves about design is making someones space beautiful, personal & inspiring while also keeping it functional. She started her own Design firm titled “Complete Design by Emily Gillrie” in 2014 and has worked on residential, commercial & retail spaces. When she isn’t designing she loves to travel, with each destination she has been inspired and been able to contribute new ideas to her projects.

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Take it away, Emily!

With every design consultation, one of the most common questions I get is, “How do I fill up my wall space?” Having just a family heirloom painting of your Great-Aunt Silvia won’t cut it anymore – it’s about being innovative and courageous when it comes to decorating! If you’re going to create a gallery wall in your home, showcasing your style, memories or art, you need to make it personal and unique. That means finding the perfect item that will surprise people and hang beautifully on your wall.


An idea that I love: using dishes. That’s right – plates! This can be done in any room but this decor idea is perhaps most fitting in the kitchen or dining room. You can shop around for the perfect plate and spend a lot of money hoping they all coordinate or, you can create your own custom plates for your room. The best part is when you order from Zazzle, you can easily apply any pattern to the Porcelain plates from Zazzle so they are a perfect fit.


There are so many different images you could put on a plate. I like to focus on fabrics but you can also use monograms, personal photos or art that speaks to you. I often find great fabric designs that would be a perfect accent to a client’s home, but other than pillows I didn’t really have a place to showcase them. I love using Zazzle’s porcelain or melamine plates. Being able to see exactly how the plates turn out before purchasing really helps as well!

A couple tips for starting out your custom decorating with plates:

  1. Colors should be within the same color-scheme family, but not exactly matching. This comes across as very put-together and adult when colors and designs are complementary rather than precisely coordinated.
  2. Buy one more plate that is unique and doesn’t coordinate so it can be the centerpiece of your plate wall! It makes it stand out and is very unique.
  3. A symmetrical layout is very pleasing to the eye! Don’t be afraid to order some plates that do match exactly. My rule of thumb is to find 8 plates that match up in pairs.
  4. Use different sizes and shapes of plates. You could even put a serving platter in the middle of the wall to add some contrast.


Having a plate wall that matches other patterns in the room, are symmetrical and have a focal point are some easy guidelines you can follow. Using plates to decorate your wall will give you that extra detail a well designed home has. You are the artist and designer of your own home, so have fun with it and remember everyone deserves a complete design!

Happy Designing!

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