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If you follow your favorite brands on social media, you’ve probably seen re-posts of photos from their biggest fans. Forget celebrity endorsements – we’re talking about features of their actual, un-paid, un-airbrushed customers who were so enthusiastic about a purchase that they shouted it from the Social rooftops!

At Zazzle, we love seeing where our products end up and love, even more, hearing the stories behind them. Our Social team is alerted to each and every @Zazzle and #Zazzle tag on the major social channels and each one is like a little note from a kid at camp saying, “Hi, Mom and Dad! I made it here safely and I’m having a wonderful time! Check out my latest adventure and meet my new friends!” Cheesy? Absolutely…but it’s true.980

Zazzle Designers are equally excited to see their products #IRL (in real life.) and many do an outstanding job of reaching out to thank and feature customers on their own social channels as well. Designer 1201am is one who does this especially well and recently noticed this post by Zazzle customer and Instagrammer, @dbl_n_jenn:

Tagging a brand in your photo is a great way to get noticed. If you’d prefer not to include a # or an @ mention in the copy of your post, many channels allow users to tag the actual photo. Here’s a recent Instagram post that we loved from @theupgradedlife as she headed for 3 weeks in Europe!


  • Always ask permission before reposting someone else’s image. Chances are that they’ll be thrilled for the extra attention, but that’s not always the case.
  • When reposting an image, be sure to give credit to the original poster, ideally as both a tag in the photo as well as a mention in the copy of your post.
  • Remember that there’s a big difference between a photograph and a screenshot of a product. Taking a few extra seconds to compose the shot in such a way that the focus is sharp, the product is evenly lit, and the image tells a bit of a story will greatly increase your chances of being featured!
  • Be sure to tag #Zazzle and/or @zazzle in photographs of your products for a chance to be featured!
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