We See London, We See France…We Wanna See Your Designs on Underpants!

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You read that right. It’s time to show off those undergarments! Ok, not your actual undergarments – we want to see your best designs for our new men’s and women’s underwear.

We recently launched undergarments and are excited to start promoting this cheeky new addition to our apparel line! Stumped on where to start? To get thinking about what designs are perfectly made for unmentionables, we need to ask a personal question: why would someone want personalized underwear?

If you ask us, custom underwear is a unique way make a statement, have fun with an event or celebration, or to get a laugh. The goal is to get cheeky and fun!

Here are some hints for when you’re thinking about designing our new drawers:

  • We have underthings for the gals and the guys! How about Mr. & Mrs. sets? Think wedding night, bridal shower, or even something blue for the actual big day
  • Think up any other fun couple ideas, not just for weddings! Vacations, events, Valentine’s Day, and more
  • Get punny! The sillier the better.
  • Say it with sass. Get unique with quotes, clever sayings, typography, or social media #hashtags
  • Sporty skivvies! Yoga, gymwear, dance, soccer, tennis, rugby, you name it!
  • Be proud! Think LGBT, countries, states, or anything else someone would be proud enough to wear on their tush
  • Elections. Need we say more?
  • Monograms are always in style, no matter where they are
  • Funny gag gifts
  • Days of the week
  • Sassy


One final tip: Make sure you select the appropriate rating! You have the option to choose from G, PG-13 or R rating when you publish your design, so if you’re thinking of getting a bit bold with your undie designs make sure you review this setting. Take a quick read on our Ratings System so you know where your design fits in. Correctly rating your design ensures that you’re reaching the right audience on our site.

We can’t wait to see your underwear – er, underwear designs!

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2 thoughts on “We See London, We See France…We Wanna See Your Designs on Underpants!”

  1. Thank you for posting this. For a few years I have had ideas for designs that would go on underwear. I didn’t want to have to go to another supplier to get them printed.

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