DIY Spotlight: Custom Fabric Cabana Suit

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Today we have a special guest post from Eden Slezin, a fashion design student at the Academy of Art and founder of Cute Tank, whose latest project is a collection of summer resort wear. Wait ’til you see how he brought custom Zazzle fabric to life!

Though it’s taken a very long time, I’m proof that hard work and passion can make dreams come true. After a long and successful career as a USMC Intelligence Officer, a backpacking guide and a General Manager, I finally started a business in fashion about 4 years ago.  It started with tank tops, then swim shorts and this year, we are finally launching our first full collection.


This summer collection is inspired by California, its culture, and specifically a beach lifestyle that celebrates being sexy, fun and carefree.  My brand, Cute Tank, is all about the beachy, California vibe.  This is brought to life by a collection with vibrant colors, vintage fabrics that add the allure of a freer time, and unique and interesting prints.


I was searching for a special print to add something whimsical and new to my collection. A custom paper airplane print on Pima Cotton fabric, created via Zazzle, was perfect.  It was visually interesting, added that touch of fun and tied seamlessly (pun intended) into the collection.


Initially, I thought the fabric fit perfectly into my vision of the 1960’s cabana suit we were already making with matching top and bottoms, but the more I have been working with the fabric, I now am thinking of making a full suit.  The unexpected color and pattern of the fabric would make an amazing statement piece, which is exactly what my brand sets out to achieve.


We will likely still make the board shorts and possibly the short sleeve, matching shirt, but I think the fabric has a lot more potential and I am excited to work with it a bit more and find what design suits it the best.  Sometimes the fabric inspires the design.



Looking good, Eden! What will you make with custom Zazzle fabric?


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