zRank: 10 Quiz Questions to Help You Improve Your Score!

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Zazzle Designers are always making improvements to their designs, their stores, creating new products and adding literally thousands of new designs to the Zazzle marketplace each day. We recently created “zRank” as a way to help our Designers better understand how their stores are performing on Zazzle. The best way to improve your zRank score is to focus on quality over quantity for your designs.

By focusing on your most popular and high quality designs, not only will you improve your score over time, you’ll be creating beautiful products that will drive sales for Zazzle customers all over the world. We created this quiz to help you prioritize and stay focused!

1.)   Have you finished your store homepage with a beautiful header image and information about yourself and your store?

If Yes: Great job!

If No: It’s selfie time!


2.)   Have you focused on creating great designs on specific products?

If Yes: High Five!

If No: Quality beats quantity – think about which products make the most sense for your designs rather than putting your design on dozens of products without thinking of the specific product. It may make sense to pick just a few products that are right for your design (and hide or delete those that aren’t).


3.)   Have you written unique and detailed titles, tags and descriptions for your most popular products?

If Yes: You’re golden. Search engines can now more easily surface your designs to customers.

If No: There’s no time like the present! Your products will have a better chance of showing up in search engine results if your titles, tags and descriptions are specific, clear, and different for each design.


4.) Have you mastered the art of templates so customers can add text and images?

If Yes: Zazzle needs more designers like you!

If No: It’s easy to create a “template object” so a specific field can be changed by a customer. Learn more about creating customizable products here.


5.) Have you done any spring cleaning lately? That is, have you deleted (or set to hidden) your least popular products?

If Yes: You’ve got mad cleaning skills – neat-freak your way to a clean Zazzle store.

If No: If a few products here and there have never been viewed or sold, then it’s okay to delete them or set them to hidden or direct-only. You can choose whichever option you prefer, but deleting products is better overall. Cleaning out these types of products is sure to help your zRank. Don’t fret too much – everyone has a few duds now and again!


6.) Have you been creating unique designs that are not repeats?

If Yes: Zazzle customers all over the world are thanking you.

If No: Create high quality designs that are unique. Spend your time updating tags and descriptions for fewer, high quality products, rather than trying to work on dozens of products that are repeats.


7.) Have you started your own blog or website yet?

If Yes: Watch out, world!

If No: It’s easy to start a blog or a website using any number of outside tools (WordPress, for example). You can use your RF code and start earning referral sales. Hint: Many of the most successful Zazzle designers have blogs that promote themes (e.g., wedding invitations) or coordinated sets of their designs (e.g., kitchen products with mason jar designs), some of which include their own beautiful photography, too.


8.)   Do you use your referral code frequently on other websites, blogs, and social media?

If Yes: You’re a promotion professional!

If No: You’re missing out! Your RF code allows you to share any product on Zazzle – even from other designers – and earn money for any sales resulting from your efforts. You can cut and paste your RF code into the Zazzle URL and then share that link on Facebook, pin on Pinterest, tumble on Tumblr, tweet on Twitter, you name it.

9.) Have you tried out the new Collections feature?

If Yes: Way to go, superstar!

If No: Collections is a new feature to help designers build curated selections. This feature just launched in May. You can make a webpage with your favorite Zazzle products, coordinate a theme, or even include products from other Designers. For example, you could make a collection with all of your coral-colored wedding invitations and accoutrements from table cards to table runners.


10.) Are you making new designs that are fresh and current?

If Yes: You truly are a trend-setter.

If No: It’s time to add some new designs for 2015 and get rid of the stale designs. We’re gearing up for the 2016 election, folks, so it’s okay to delete your “Bush 2000” stickers. Really, it’s okay.


If you answered YES to all of these questions, then you are a ROCK STAR. Keep on keeping on, maestro!

If you answered YES to FIVE or more questions, then you are a LONG-DISTANCE RUNNER. Don’t give up! Remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

If you answered YES to THREE or FOUR questions, then you are a HIGH POTENTIAL DESIGNER. The only way to go from here is up! Many of Zazzle’s most prolific designers started out earning just $10 each month.


If you answered YES to only to ONE or TWO questions, then you are JUST STARTING. If you are willing to devote the time, make adjustments, and hone your creative skills to make beautiful designs, then you’ll be on your way in no time.

Like it. Love it. Share it.

12 thoughts on “zRank: 10 Quiz Questions to Help You Improve Your Score!”

  1. On #3: “… titles, tags and descriptions are specific, clear, and different for each design.”

    You don’t mean different for each product with the same design do you? The tags were carefully considered and are design specific.

  2. Can you put together a tutorial on how to make collections? There is no way at all to add older designs to any that I have found and it has been frustrating to say the least. I can only add the first page of recent products to any but it exludes anything after. Making them was easy before latest update.

  3. I find it hard to delete products I really feel are valid, even if they have not sold yet. I often like the same design on different items. How different is different as far as descriptions and tags are concerned? One or two words? Reorganizing the text?

  4. I have the same question about #3. Where it says, “different for each design,” I’m wondering if you mean different for each product and how much different would it need to be? One word? I use the same designs for multiple products. So for one design I use the same title, description and keywords for each product. Am I doing it wrong? Could you show us an example of how to do everything when using the same design on multiple products?

    1. You can find this information in a few different ways. Most easily would be navigating to the Products tab in your store, and using the dropdown menu at the top to filter your products by Most Viewed and Most Ordered. In these views, you will see the numbers of views or orders for each product and sort through them. You can also see your sold products in your Royalty History report. Hope that helps!

  5. I have 6 blogs where I feature my zazzle products and other designers products, and my Z rank is poor. Wondering how zazzle would know about my blogs, and how you came up with a poor rating for me? In addition to my blogs I have 100 plus pinboards at pinterest and 100 + zazzle sets at polyvore.

    Know that this z rank is really not clear, and I would like to know what the heck is wrong with my shop, because I rarely used the quick create tool, plus I am wordy on all description, due to SEO ranking, have deleted 1400 products but my ranking does not improve.

    1. Hi there,

      zRank is not a judgment made by any individual at Zazzle, but a feedback number based on a proprietary algorithm taking into account a lot of different factors around your store. You’ll find all of the main components that go into zRank in the popup on your store’s home page when you click on “zRank”. You won’t see any updates to this rank immediately, but over time. Keep up the good work of following our best practices guidelines and you’re sure to see your zRank go up!


  6. Liz I keep getting mixed feedback and I know I read somewhere that zrank has nothing to do with our sales. As an example if I sell a lot of products my zrank will improve. In the video that I saw on Youtube Tony says “earnings are not correlated with zrank. Would you clarify? Are our sales a factor for improving zrank? If we do noting else except sell products will z rank continue to go up?

    1. Hi Sgolis,

      In this instance, we’re referring to sales and earnings as different aspects of your Zazzle store. The dollar amount you earn via royalties or referrals is not calculated as part of zRank, however the volume of sales that a store sees is factored into zRank as an indicator of a store’s success. Hope that helps!


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