Tips for Designing Our Updated Calendars

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It’s that time of the year again! Everyone’s starting to thing of meaningful gifts for their loved ones – and what’s better than a gift that will spread the holiday cheer all year long? Personalized calendars make for great gifts that are saved to treasure for years to come.

This holiday season Zazzle is making it easier for everyone to design and buy custom made calendars. We have a whole new tool with improved features to make sure that your design experience is as easy as Christmas pie. The new tool allows you to choose from multiple styles of calendar length, start dates, languages, holidays, formats and sizes. Customers even have the option to change any calendar on Zazzle to the current year or upcoming years – no need for Designers to republish each year! Just choose the right combination, add your personal touch and you are good to go!

And now to the key ingredient: design. We’ve been keeping an eye out for the latest trends and have some calendar tips to share with you to make sure your designs get the attention they deserve.

  • Photos: Like most products, photos are key to the personalization experience in calendars. Everyone’s looking for designs that will allow them to add fun family photos, cute baby photos and beautiful wedding photos on top of trendy, pretty and funky backgrounds to make memorable gifts. Remember to make designs that allow adding pictures from Instagram too!
  • Furry friends: The cat person versus the dog person – the debate will go on for years to come and people want to support their cause by pinning it to the wall. After photo calendars, dog and cat calendars make for the most popular themes so make sure you have designs that will appeal to all the different types of animal lovers out there.
  • Color me pretty: Watercolor designs and other colorful influences are taking over everything from scarves to home décor. With beautiful patterns and graphics your design could potentially add a dash of color to plain walls and lives alike!
  • All things beautiful: Nature, travel and art are next in line. Beautiful visuals accompanied by inspirational quotes – the perfect combination to get everyone up and about every single day of the coming year.


One more tip: Make sure to use stylish and fun fonts that suit your design to add that special touch!

Lastly, if you have a great design from last year that did really well and you want to make it ready to go for 2016, now all you need to do is update the year on the front page so that everyone can see that it works for the coming year, too. Even better, now that customers have the option to choose the appropriate year for any calendar, you can use “20XX” as a template field so that you don’t have to update it every year!

What fun calendar designs are you making for 2016?







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4 thoughts on “Tips for Designing Our Updated Calendars”

  1. I have used many sites to make calendars, Zazzle has by far the easiest set up and options. I created mine and am waiting for it arrive in the mail! I saved so much time making the calendar with Zazzle, I will never dread making another calendar again!!! Thank you so much!!!

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