Make the Most of Custom Holiday Stamps

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To us, Zazzle means one of a kind – and we’re not just talking about the thousands of custom designs being created and ordered on our site every day. It’s our products, too! We’re proud to offer something as unique as custom postage so that your custom stationery doesn’t end at the envelope.

If you’re designing for holiday greetings this year (and we hope you are!), don’t forget that there’s more to holiday greetings and celebration invitations than the card. Here are some tips for stunning stamps this holiday season:

  • Did you know that this year the United States Postal Service will not be issuing their own custom Christmas stamp with religious imagery? (Did hundreds of Zazzle Designer light bulbs just turn on?) The great thing about Zazzle is that you can design items that customers can’t find anywhere else, like a new take on the story of Christmas. Make the most of it by finding a niche like this you can fill!

  • Make it a Collection! We love that Designers can showcase sets of products with our new Collections tool. When you’re designing, think about how your stamp will coordinate with the other sendables you’re creating to make an attractive Collection. Customers won’t be able to resist getting all of the matching pieces for the holiday greetings!

  • Design early. Our stamps require individual review before they are published to the site, which means you won’t be seeing them immediately after they’re created. Make sure your stamps have enough time to shine on the site before the holiday rush hits!

As a final tip, don’t forget that our custom postage stamps are legal tender issued by the US government, so we do have some strict guidelines for design content that’s right for stamps. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about your stamp design.

Happy Designing!

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  1. Letters are such a great way to share appreciation for loved ones. This Christmas I am looking to try something new to spice up the letter receiving process. I love this idea of customized stamps.

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