Accessorize Like It’s Going Out of Style

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Gaudy (gaw-dee)| adjective

: ostentatiously or tastelessly ornamented

: marked by extravagance or sometimes tasteless showiness

: too bright and heavily decorated

: very large or impressive


That’s how Merriam-Webster defines it. Now for the Zazzle definition: An accessory or clothing item so awesomely outrageous (and maybe a smidge tacky) that you simply MUST own it. Kind of like a dog that’s so ugly it’s cute. Wear Something Gaudy Day (coming to a closet near you Saturday, October 17) is the quintessential holiday for celebrating a complete lack of style and fashion. But we believe that every true fashionista should carve out an area of his or her closet for a few items they only dare to wear for certain occasions. Even fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw incorporated gaudy items into her widely celebrated fashion repertoire (I mean, a tutu? really?). Here’s a little inspiration.

Hitting up an amusement park or heading out for a run or hike? Look no further than these awesome products by Cap-Sac, creators of accessories for the “bold at heart.” You’ll be sure to turn more than a few heads and, hey, they’re pretty darn practical.

Cat Lovers Visor

Team Awesome Sauce Fanny Pack


If you prefer to take a more subtle approach to flaunting your inner “gaudess”, try a blingy printed design on your cell phone:

Leopard Gold and Bling Crystal iPhone Case


OR better yet, your baby. The little tyke is sure to earn mad street cred at daycare.

Gold Chain Baby Bib

A more “cultured” breed of shoppers might like to pay tribute to the ultimate name in gaudy design: Gaudi himself. A Spanish-Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi is known for his over-the-top creations — in fact, it’s a widely believed myth that the word “gaudy” is derived from his name.

Gaudi Mosaic Turquoise Orange Mix Wristlet


If you’re looking to make a statement at the next party you’re invited to, you’ll be sure to stand out in one of these fashionably unfashionable fashion picks you can’t help but love.

Fire Psychedelic Abstract T-Shirt

Red Bling Sequin Print All Over T Shirt

Dollar Sign in the Eyes Party Shades


Happy gaudy shopping!

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