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Even celebrities love to show off their #Zazzle creations on social media and our team here has such fun seeing where our products find their homes!  Because we didn’t want to keep this great user-generated content (UGC) to ourselves, we recently introduced the “#Zazzle Inspiration” gallery on many of our product pages:

postage wide

Some customers have fun staging their shots:


while others prefer an equally-beautiful, simply-composed image:

cards 1

At Zazzle, we’re deeply passionate about providing our community with an opportunity to be unique through customization and we’re taking this opportunity to show off how creative our Zazzle community is (pssst…that includes YOU)!

Designers,  tell a wordless story with a peek behind the scenes as you create your products:



or a show off a creative pairing of your designs within a collection:


Customers, now’s your chance to show off the products that you helped create:



or simply let us celebrate your fabulous style:

limited edition

We have some fun projects in the works for surfacing this content across Zazzle, so keep the great snaps coming and keep your eyes open for your feature!


Q: How can I have my photos featured on Zazzle?

A: Tag #Zazzle in your post on Instagram! We’re hand-selecting the best-of-the-best to feature  and will respond with a request to use feature your image.

Q: Do my images stand a chance of being featured if I don’t have a professional camera?

A: Absolutely! Many of the #Zazzle Inspiration images were shot with nothing more than a phone camera and a bit of creativity. We’re looking for images that:

  • prominently feature a Zazzle product.
  • have great lighting. No professional equipment needed; natural light is best!
  • are “in-situ.” Tell a wordless story using your image. Where do you use the product you purchased? How does the design speak to your unique style?
  • have a clutter-free background.
  • do not have a watermark; we’ll be sure to give attribution in the gallery.
  • do not have a text or design overlay.
  • do not show personal information. Business cards are great (!), but please make sure to lay them out such that your contact information is not fully visible.
  • have express permission from any people featured in the shot.

Q: What if I don’t use Instagram and/or I have additional photos that I’d like to submit?

A: Please email your images and the link to the product that is featured to Social (at) zazzle (dot) com with the subject line “UGC.” By submitting a photo via email, you are agreeing to our Terms  & Conditions.

Have additional questions? Drop me a note at social (at) zazzle (dot) com!

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