Get Set for the Season! Holiday Royalty Rates Update

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To help make sure that your customers find your great custom designs at the perfect price point this busy holiday season, we’ll be adding an extension for last minute changes to product royalty rates. We’ll then be pausing any additional royalty rate changes for the holiday shopping season – so your store is set for the season!

The holiday shopping season is definitely the busiest time of year for Zazzle and Zazzle Designers. One of our simplest tips for setting yourself up for a successful holiday season as a Zazzle Designer is making sure your products are set at a competitive price. Lowering and maintaining the royalty rate for your products is a great way to provide your customers with an attractive price point and a great shopping experience.

We encourage you to take this time to review your products’ royalty settings and make any final adjustments, such as lowering the royalty rate on some of your most popular designs to our recommended 5 – 15%, so that your products are in your personal sweet spot for this winter’s peak shopping times.

Please make sure your products’ royalty rates are set to your satisfaction by November 3, 2015 at 11:59pm PST. After this date, there will be a temporary pause on monthly royalty updates over the peak holiday season, with regular royalty updates resuming for the month of January, 2016.

Here’s to a successful season!

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4 thoughts on “Get Set for the Season! Holiday Royalty Rates Update”

  1. I would personally love it if Zazzle would make this easier, by giving us 5-10 broad categories that we can set rates for across our stories instead of one master rate option.

    If they would do that, then we could, for instance, set all paper products at one rate, and ornaments at another rate, and canvases, prints, and other specialized big ticket items at yet another rate.

    Anyway, I keep hoping they’ll do this.

    I have no time or desire, with over 16,000 products across a number of stores, to set lower rates for some of the things I might want to make more attractive sales-wise while keeping my royalties where I want them for the luxury items.

    1. Hi Krystine,

      This is something you can certainly do in your own store. If you have your store categorized by product type, you can select multiple products within that category and set a royalty rate that will be applied to all of those selected products. Please contact our Support team for more help with this.


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