Tips for Designing Pillow Cases + Video Tutorial

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Who doesn’t love curling up with a comfy custom pillow? Even better, now you can take your pick of pre-made pillows, or even create your own custom pillowcases to switch up your snuggle style at any time.

Here are some quick tips to help you get started creating pillowcases so you can sleep tight in style:

  • Our pillowcases are full cut-and-sew, meaning we print on the fabric and then sew each pillowcase. Each pillowcase is one-off and custom made upon order!

  • Please be aware that there are 2 different sizes of pillowcases, Standard and King, and they each have slightly different aspect ratios. Depending on your design, make sure you are aware of the safety and bleed lines.


  • There are 3 different design areas on the pillowcase. Make sure you have selected the proper design area when adding elements.
    • Pillow “Front”
    • Pillow “Back”
    • Pillow “Background”If you want a design that spans the entire pillow, and won’t have a line split between front and back, make sure to design on this option!


  • We don’t want your pillowcase to get lonely! We’ve made it easy for you to publish a pair of pillow cases in the “set size” options.

  • The pillowcases are printed using digital sublimation, meaning white will not be printed, and the original fabric color, white, will come through


For an even more in-depth walk-through of our pillowcase design tool, take a look at our handy tutorial video:

What pillowcase designs can you dream up?

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