Making the Most of Collections on Product Pages

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Designers, we have an exciting new feature for you today! You’ve been working hard creating beautiful Collections of some of your best products (haven’t you??), and we want to help you show them off. We’ve recently added a new space to some of our product pages to display your eye-catching Collections.

On applicable product pages, we’ll be showing up to 3 different Collections that include that product. This can be a great experience for our customers looking for coordinating products, and a great way for Designers to curate what products customers see on a particular product page.

Here’s an example of how that looks on the page for this wedding invitation:

collections pdp screenshot

Want to see your Collection there? Here are some tips for creating a Collection that is likely to be included:

  • Fill it out. Make sure your Collection has at least 6 products, as that is the number of products shown in the new “Found in…” section
  • Get organized. The 6 products from your Collection shown on the product page will be shown in the order they appear in your Collection, so order your products accordingly by those you wish customers to see first.
  • Think themes. Make sure your Collection consists of products that really go together. They should all share a common design, theme, use, occasion, product type, etc.
  • Extra credit. Think about making an especially attractive Collection with an eye-catching banner image and description.

Happy Collecting!

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14 thoughts on “Making the Most of Collections on Product Pages”

  1. I love this new feature. My clients are always asking me for coordinating items and now Zazzle has made it easier than ever for the consumer to find them. Creating collections is hard work, but well worth the time and effort. I want my customers to have a “user friendly” experience when they shoppe in my store. Thanks for sharing this info Liz.

  2. I had not heard of the collections thing yet. I will have to take a look into doing this when I get a moment. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for this tool to show off our art on matching products and sets. Its different than anything we have seen elsewhere and hope it serves all of us well. Thanks Again

  4. Unfortunately do not have 6 items that can go in a collection. Still like the idea and hope in the future I can take advantage of this concept or if the minimum number of products changes; will use this feature. Thanks

  5. I have became better organized due to this option. I have also made a collection of my favorite designers products can we earn as an associate this way?

    1. That’s great to hear, Milly! You certainly can earn referrals as an associate using Collections that include other Designers’ products. When you share a collection from Zazzle when logged in to your account, your referral code will be automatically included.

  6. AhhhhhhHA!!! It’s all coming coming together now.. I’ve been using the collections like they were “featured” categories… Which still seemed redundant. Either way, I have way too much stuff in my store, especially for the amount of sales I get.
    Thanks for the info.

  7. Hi Liz, Quick question. I created a few collections by adding products first and naming the collection, not creating the collection first. Problem is, I can’t find the ones I created this way. They aren’t showing up on the Collections page. Do I need to recreate them? If not, how do I find and edit them?

    1. Hi Laura,

      I’m not sure what you mean by adding products without creating a collection – if you use the “+” button on a product page to add to a collection and choose to create a new collection from that menu, it will still create a collection – just as if you had created the collection first and then selected it from this menu on a product page. To get more specific help on this, please contact our friendly support team.


      1. Thanks Liz. That’s what I meant. I began new collections from the product page rather than creating them from the collections page. The collections took a few hours to show up under my collections, but as soon as they did, I was able to edit them and get them set up with their descriptions and banners. Hapy holidays! Laura

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