5 Steps to a Perfectly Trimmed Tree

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Few things are merrier than the fresh scent of pine as you walk through the door. And Thanksgiving is almost over, which means it’s officially socially acceptable to start planning this year’s Christmas-tree decorating party. Gather the fam, put on some carols and pour the eggnog (or hot chocolate) — we’ve got everything you need to trim the perfect tree.


  1. Plant It Well.

Choosing the perfect spot for your tree is the first order of business. Perhaps you want it to be visible from outside, so all your neighbors can admire your beautiful handiwork, or maybe you prefer to keep it in the family room so you can soak up its piney scent while watching your favorite show. Either way, keep it out of your home’s natural “flow,” away from heaters and make sure there’s plenty of room around it for gifts.


  1. Put a Skirt on it.

Trust us—don’t wait until the very end to do it, unless you want ornaments to start tumbling. Find a skirt that fits your theme (see step #4) and lay the foundation for your masterpiece.

Folk Art Holiday Monogram Skirt

Snowman Party Tree Skirt

Monogram Woodland Holiday Tree Skirt


  1. Light It up.

Before you hang a single ornament, string the lights. And before you string a single light, plug them in to make sure each bulb is working. Keep them on as you string them so you can see how they look on the tree. Start at the bottom, zig zagging your way up the tree and working your way from the outside of the tree to the trunk. Hide “connectors” by tucking them deep into the branches.


  1. Choose a theme and hang the ornaments.

Select a color story like white, gold, silver or mixed metals, or go bold and bright. If you’re near the beach, a coastal theme is a unique alternative. Hang your favorite ornaments first, with the heaviest at the very top or bottom. Keep your most fragile ornaments near the top, so the kids, cats and dogs don’t get their paws on them.


  1. Personalize it.

Sorting through ornaments is often one of the most memorable moments of the holiday season. You’re bound to stumble on third-grade creations that instantly inspire nostalgia. Continue that tradition by adding ornaments that reflect the year’s milestones, whether it’s a new baby, engagement, anniversary or vacation.

Photo Mr. and Mrs. Christmas Ornament

Baby First Christmas Ornament

Engaged Penguins Ornament

Tropical New Home Ornament

Create Your Own Ornament

Once you’re finished, sit back, relax and snap a photo of this year’s Christmas tree creation. (And make sure you tag it with #zazzle!)

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