5 Ideas for An Efficient & Stress-Free Black Friday

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It’s finally here – the time of year for turkey and stuffing, travel and quality time with loved ones… and, of course, prepping for the biggest shopping time of the year! Here are some of our tips for cutting down on the overwhelm of Black Friday.

1. Get your list(s) ready

When it comes to any kind of shopping, it’s always helpful to know what you’re looking for in advance. You can even make your list directly while browsing some of your favorite sites! If you’re checking out custom gifts on Zazzle, there are a couple easy ways to keep track of your favorite picks and your gift choices for everyone in the family. Click on the heart on any product page, or by hovering over any product when searching our marketplace to add it to products you like. Or, you can create custom Collections for each giftee on your list using the plus icon button – this is also available by hovering over any product in our marketplace, or directly on each product page. Easy organization!

collections gift list hovercollections gift list

pdp add to collections

2. Keep an eye out for new deals

‘Tis the season to give out the best promotions! Make sure you’re checking to make sure that you’re winning Black Friday with great deals. Just for example, here at Zazzle we’ll be choosing one special product line each day that will get some extra love – and an extra big discount. Keep an eye on our Coupons page to see what the Bonus Deal of the day is! There may even be more than one if you’re especially eagle-eyed, and also subscribed to our emails.


3. Go mobile

Make your addiction to your smart phone or tablet work for you! Get your shopping done anywhere by going mobile. Might we suggest the handy Zazzle app, available for iPhone, iPad or Android? You can not only create your wishlists, get deals, and order gifts, you can also design and customize a personal creation right on your mobile device! How’s that for imagination on the go?


mobile app

4. Multitask

Speaking of mobile…if you’re standing in line at a big box store on Black Friday, you’re probably already killing time looking at your phone, right? Make the most of it by saving your picks and shopping on mobile! Shopping while you’re shopping sounds like a win-win situation to us.

5. Help out your friends and family – share your own list!

Go on, admit it. It’s fun to receive gifts, too! Don’t leave your loved ones guessing what you’re hoping to find under your tree this year – give them a big, bold hint by making your own wish list and sharing it. On Zazzle, you can share your Wish List Collection or you can even share individual products as you find them by clicking our handy “Share” button.

share hover over

share email this example

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy all of the great deals you’re sure to find on Zazzle and elsewhere. Have a Happy Black Friday!

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