How to Unwind After Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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We know – shopping is exhausting. Standing in line all night, comparing prices, reading reviews, throwing Grandma the elbow in an attempt to get to the last Elsa doll before she can grab it … the struggle is real. Hopefully you scored some good deals and you’re basking in that post-shopping glow. Now that your holiday shopping is complete (you didn’t just shop for yourself, did you?), time to rest those weary bones and treat yo self to a little post-retail R and R.

Draw a warm bath.

Hey, even online shopping is hard work. Ditch your smartphone for an hour or two, pour yourself a glass of wine and don’t forget the bubbles.

Take a nap!

It seems Black Friday and Cyber Monday NEVER sleep. Which is why you probably haven’t gotten the recommended amount of shuteye in days. Some people may not get it, but we do. Priorities, people … priorities.


Enjoy a festive beverage.

Warm up with your favorite hoodie and cuddle up in your favorite nook with a cup of hot cocoa, seasonal tea, coffee or hot toddy.


How are you recovering from your shopstravaganza?



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