End of Year Store Housekeeping

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The holiday shopping rush is starting to slow down, and the end of the year will be here before we know it. For our Designers, now’s the time to start thinking about taking a look at your store to get it ready to shine in the new year. Here are our ideas to help you wrap up 2015 and get ready for a successful 2016 on Zazzle:

1. Spruce up your storefront

Think of your store’s Home tab like a welcome mat for your customers, and your store’s “front window”. Take a look at what customers will see first when they head over to your store by using the “Preview Public Store” button. Then, take a look at your advanced settings and think about how you’ll want your store to look post-holidays. Is your beautiful Collection of Christmas designs front and center for the holiday season? Try switching out or rearranging your displayed Collections, categories or products on your Home tab in the new year to show off your newest and most relevant products right away.

2. New year, new designs!

You already have all of your New Year’s celebration designs in your store and looking good, right? Of course you do! But you can still think ahead to 2016 – our next big occasions that are perfect for custom items and gifts are Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. And of course it’s never too early to think about wedding season. Start getting those designs ready ahead of time so they’re already up for your customers when those occasions roll around – you might even see them being featured, as our teams are looking for great designs to show off well before they’re promoted! Take a look at our calendar from last year to get a better idea of our recommendations for designing ahead.

3. Take a look back at 2015

It’s always exciting to see your designs being purchased! Take a look at your Earnings History pages to see all of your sales – you can even download a CSV file so you can see all of your earnings at a glance. You can also take a look at a breakdown of your royalty earnings by product as well as your referral earnings. Take a look at any or each of these reports and determine which of your products performed the best during specific time periods to help you prepare for next year. Expand on the designs and product types that did well, and review those that didn’t to see if they can be updated or cleaned out from your store.

4. Plan your strategy

You can save yourself time and work by planning out your strategy for the end of this year and the beginning of the next. Now that you’ve looked over this year, what products do you want to focus on next year? What types of designs? What goals or milestones seem reasonable for your store in the coming year? Think of these things while the year is still fresh in your mind! For promoting, try scheduling out blog posts and social media posts so they are automatically shared without you needing to log on. Win-win!

5. Relax!

You’ve worked hard this year – you deserve a little R&R! If you’ve planned ahead for the new year, you know you can take a little time for yourself to recharge and get inspired for 2016. Sometimes the best ideas can come to us when we unplug! Spend time with friends and family, have some quiet time, and come back to your Zazzle store re-energized and ready to tackle the new year with new designs and new strategies for spreading the word about your great products.



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