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Today we’re talking to the creators of personalized stamps and embossers from 2712 Designs. Learn more about the story behind this Maker’s unique name and products in our interview!

Tell us about you!

2712 Designs is a family-run design & manufacturing business based out of Nashville.  We’re a husband (Chris) and wife (Lindsay) team with 3 kids that keep us very busy. A business and 3 children leaves little room for extravagant things such as hobbies or interests, but when we do get a moment to ourselves one of the first things we like to do is grab some food. We’re lucky to live in Nashville, which has quite a wide variety of awesome restaurants and, being new to town, we’re always looking to try something new and yummy.  We also fit in our fair share of “adulting,” searching antique stores and shopping to decorate our home.


What is your background as a Maker? What got you started making or creating?

The need to be creative has always driven a lot of what we do.  That drive turned into creating for others and thus our business was born.  Our business started with selling DIY products, craft supplies and such. As we received requests for more personalized creative products, we sought out ways to give our customers what they wanted.  Although the machines we own have amazing capabilities in many types of personalization, we chose to start with one specialty and master it.  Now you could call us “stamp gurus,” which does cause for some interesting party conversations.

Tell us a fun or interesting story about your business.

We commonly get asked where the name “2712 Designs” comes from.  Our business was created right around the time our second daughter was born.  Still basking in the newborn glow, we racked our brains for a not-so-obvious business name that was all encompassing and also included our children.  With one daughter born on the 27th and the other on the 12th, we combined these special days to create an even more special name, 2712 Designs.

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“Wait, but I just read that they have three children,” you say?  Yes, our son was born just 3 short years after.  When the doctor’s office called to schedule the c-section they gave us the choice of the 10th & 12th.  Thankfully we were able to choose the 12th and the long term crisis of not including him had been averted.

What is your favorite part about being a Maker?

I am sure any maker will tell you that turning an idea into a reality is super gratifying and we feel just the same way.  Many times you’ll catch Chris staring into one of our lasers intrigued by it, still after having them all this time.  It’s not just the power of our machines but the fact that it allows us to create something that is used an cherished by others.

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How do you see growing your product lines in the future?

Our manufacturing capabilities are quite limitless as we continue to grow into a premier manufacturing company.  While we hold a special place in homes with our personalized stamp & embosser products, we are growing to create even more personalized items that continue to be staples in the everyday household. From wall art to jewelry, you’ll be seeing a lot from 2712 Designs.

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  1. Hi Liz,
    I create costume jewelry from home. Would love to creat and sell some for children. One thing I appreciate much about Zazzle custom designing is the convenience of having
    Zazzle ship and track the product for you. I really don’t like the hassle of shipping as I have so many other things on my plate.

    I am not sure or CLEAR how that works in Zazzle Maker moments. Does the maker ship a bunch of products to ZAZZLE..and then Zazzle fulfils the orders when a customers buys it?? Or..does Zazzle just provides a free platform to market your goods? Who does the marketing in this case? In other words…what exactly is the service that Zzzle provide here…and what is the MAJOR difference between the customize site and this one?

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