Now Accepting Designer Feature Applications!

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You’ve seen the emails.

The posts have popped up in your Social feed.

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You’ve read the blog posts.

And you’ve visited the Designer page on Zazzle.

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Now it’s YOUR turn to stand in the spotlight!

We’re currently accepting applications for our Designer Moment Feature program and are excited to hear the stories behind your art!

Submitting an application is easy. Simply:

  1. Make sure that you have 100% store completion.
  2. Fill out the brief interview. Sit down in a cozy spot with a warm mug and tell us about yourself!
  3. Send an email to with the following:
    1. Subject line: Designer Moment Application – StoreName
    2. A high-res headshot of your beautiful self
    3. A high-res file of your store logo
    4. 3 high-res photos of your choice (i.e. your workspace, your products in “real life,” in-progress designs, etc.)

I have multiple stores. May I submit more than one?
We ask that you select your favorite 2 stores and submit them separately.

I’m new to Zazzle…is that ok?
Absolutely! Being featured in a Designer Moment is a great way to get exposure for your store. Just make sure that your store has reached 100% completion before submitting your application.

I submitted my application, but haven’t heard from your team. Did you receive it?
Rest assured that our selection team will review each submission; however, due to the volume of applications, we are unable to respond to each individually.

We’re excited to learn more about our outstanding Zazzle Designers!

The Designer Moment Feature Team

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