Video: Zazzle Chat: Customer Feedback, UGC & More

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Liz, Monica and Kelli talk about UGC, discontinued products, copyright infringement and what we’ve learned from Customer Service!

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4 thoughts on “Video: Zazzle Chat: Customer Feedback, UGC & More”

  1. Loved the chat. Very informational. It wasn’t clear to me how to make my design available for different products other than those it’s been applied to by myself. Is that something that can be done using the Customize It button? I always allow customization. Is that want you meant? Also, I have never used Instagram and would like more information on that process, if possible. Thanks so much. I just recently retired from my day job, so I plan on putting a lot more time into my Zazzle store.

    1. Hi Judith,

      Some of our products include multiple options (such as shirts), but for separate product types like shirts and posters, you would need to create each of those products separately. Allowing customization is definitely a great idea, however if you specifically label different elements of your design as templates you can give your customer an easier experience. See our new post on creating templates here.

      Instagram is a social media platform made specifically for sharing images – most folks download it as an app on their smart phone in order to share their photos. We’d recommend checking out Instagram directly for more info on signing up. Once you get started, feel free to share photos of your Zazzle designs in progress, or in person, and use the hashtag #zazzle!

      Happy designing!

    1. Hi Vicky,

      I’m not sure what link you were using, but you can watch the video right in this post by clicking the “play” button above.


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