Introducing The #Zazzle Inspiration Gallery

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It happens to the best of us:  we find ourselves walking the aisles of a store looking for the perfect gift for a specific occasion.  “I’ll know it when I see it,”  we say, certain that something will strike our fancy. And then we spot It. (cue heavenly aura and “Hallelujah” chorus)

The #Zazzle Inspiration Gallery is just that: the place to go when you’ll know it when you see it; a space to experience Zazzle in a way that has never before been possible. The best part? It’s easily shoppable.

Designs that are available for customization and purchase are indicated by a “Shop this snap” link:

Sprinkle Mug

Others were created as private products by the person who submitted the image, but provide great inspiration to “Create your own“:

dog pillow

Some images come from Designers:

And others from customers:


Their common thread? People who love Zazzle products as much as we do.

Do you have a favorite Zazzle product? Show off your own photos on Instagram and use the hashtag #Zazzle for a chance to be featured!

“Of course creativity is a mystery. We don’t know what drives it or what constitutes it. It’s one of those things, like genius, you know it when you see it but it’s impossible to define.”

Daniel Tammet

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4 thoughts on “Introducing The #Zazzle Inspiration Gallery”

    1. Hi Leo,

      We don’t allow direct uploads to our Inspiration Gallery, but you can submit your photos for consideration by uploading them to Instagram with the tag #zazzle or by sending an email to If you’re having trouble publishing products to your Zazzle store, please get in touch with our friendly Support team.


    1. Hi there,

      If you’re looking to submit real-life photos of Zazzle products to our Inspiration Gallery, you can upload your photos (not product screenshots) to Instagram using the tag #zazzle, or send an email to


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