The Marketing Power of Sports

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There’s a big football game this weekend right in our backyard, and boy are we feeling the heat. If you didn’t know, our headquarters’ location in Redwood City, CA is right in the heart of all the action, with our San Jose production facilities literally miles from a certain Santa Clara stadium.

I’m going to be honest, and this may come as a huge shock…but I’m not a huge football fan. I have started enjoying it more and more, but mostly just to impress others. When it comes to the big game though, I’ve always been an avid fan! But as big as the game is, the advertisements that run during the commercial breaks have always been the real show for me.

A 30-second advertisement during this year’s game costs as much as $5 million. And that’s just for the air time – not including the actual cost of producing the ad. Yikes! Despite the hefty price tag, there are many companies willing to shell out to show off their creative prowess to a huge audience of football-lovers.

There’s a reason companies fight for the chance to be featured in these coveted time slots – this is a huge chance to make a memorable impact! Some of the most memorable ads include Apple’s 1984 ad. Obviously the ad wasn’t the sole reason for Apple’s success – but it was the start of something big. Other noteworthy ads include Cocoa-Cola’s classic Mean Joe Green spot, Snicker’s Betty White Commercial, or Budweiser’s Puppy Love ad. We’re willing to bet there is at least one commercial like these that has stuck with you.

However, not all ads aired during the event that draws millions of viewers are made equal. In my perspective, it’s hard to really say if an ad is good or bad. A better question would be: did they achieve their goal? Some goals are sales related, some are aiming for exposure, and some are meant just to get people thinking. GoDaddy’s campaigns have always been slightly… well, awkward. But they do get people talking! With that in mind, they still could be said to have met their goals for advertising.

What are some of your favorite ads? Your least favorite? While we’re dreaming about marketing strategies, what do you imagine a Zazzle ad for the big game would look like?

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