8 Ways to Show Your Love that Aren’t a Card

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We think every day should be Valentine’s Day (minus the cheesy cards and poetry). Here are a few ways to show the one you love just how much you love them, without having to brave the card, chocolate and teddy bear aisle.

  1. Hold their hand.

In the car. At a movie. Walking down the street. It’s a small gesture that will make your sweetheart feel all warm and fuzzy.


  1. Make them dinner.

The way to a human’s heart is through his or her stomach. Look up a new recipe or whip up their favorite. Be sure to pair it with their favorite beverage and set the scene with flowers and perhaps a few candles.


  1. Let them sleep.

If you have small children, this is the most wonderful gift you can give your significant other. One weekend morning, take it upon yourself to get the kids when they wake up, feed them breakfast, and keep them OUT of mommy and daddy’s room so one lucky parent can get some much-needed R&R. We promise this will score you some serious points — they may even return the favor next weekend.


  1. Surprise them with their favorite treat.

On your way home from the office, stop at their favorite bakery or the convenience store and pick up their favorite guilty pleasure, whether it’s a specialty cupcake they only want a few times a year or their favorite chocolate bar.


  1. Say “I love you” for no reason.

Call, text or IM just to say “I love you.” They’ll know you mean it from the bottom of your heart when you say it unprovoked and out of the blue.


  1. Watch a movie they love (but you hate).

If your significant other is always wanting to watch their favorite rom-com or action flick, surprise them one night by suggesting it yourself. Pop some popcorn, snuggle under a cozy throw and pretend to be as engaged as they are.


  1. Notice something new.

Pay special attention to your sweetie the next few days. If you spy a new shirt, haircut, accessory or hint of a new perfume, let them know you notice.


  1. Do a chore they can’t stand.

Whether it’s doing the dishes, matching socks, taking out the trash or scrubbing the gunk out of the tub, take it upon yourself to check it off the list for them.

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If you incorporate just a few of these into your relationship rule book, no matter what day of the year it is, you’ll be his or her valentine for years to come.

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