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You may not have heard of unique publishing house Quirk Books, but you’ve probably heard of the book that inspired the movie currently in theaters, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. No, that wasn’t a typo, and yes, it’s exactly what you think it is: Jane Austen’s classic tale, with Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy putting aside their differences not to fight their initial impressions of one another, but zombies. Quirk Books is also the publisher of other hilarious mashups including Sense and Sensibility and Seamonsters and Android Kareninanot to mention the essential financial guide, How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity.

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Quirk Books knows what they’re talking about. A “quirk” is a peculiar or unexpected trait, and Merriam Webster defines “quirky” as “different from the ordinary in a way that causes curiosity or suspicion”. When you see the totally unique books they help put out into the world, it’s easy to see that they are Quirk-y indeed! But what does it mean to be quirky when you’re creating? And what are the benefits of being “peculiar” or “unexpected”? How can combining completely unrelated and seemingly opposite elements – like Jane Austen and horror tropes – turn into something magical that piques our curiosity?

Quirky is the new cool

Let’s face it – turning classical and serious characters like the Bennet sisters into zombie-killing martial arts pros is just plain funny. It’s something that surprises you and makes you wonder ” how did they even come up with that?” Even if zombies aren’t your thing, such a novel and unexpected concept might ultimately impress you once you get past your initial shock and laughter. Something quirky is fun and attention-grabbing! When you’re having fun creating, your audience has fun, too – and they’ll be taking notice.

Quirky is inspirational

When we talk about “thinking outside the box,” getting a little quirky is it. When you’re not afraid to get a little weird, you’re being open to ideas that might seem completely off the wall but could be fantastic if given a chance. You can branch out and try something that’s never been done before, or take something old and put a peculiar spin on it to make it totally new. Starting your creative thinking process with, “wouldn’t it be funny if…” can kick start your imagination. All of us can benefit from opening our minds to things out of the ordinary to solve problems, have fun, and get new ideas.

Quirky helps you find your audience

Sometimes, being different can be scary. You might be afraid of being judged as just a little too quirky and “suspicious”…but you also might accomplish something amazing that others love! We’re are a little weird in different ways. However your type of quirkiness comes out, even if it’s not for everyone, it will be for someone. By embracing your quirky side and sharing it, you attract your similarly quirky tribe that can share in your special brand of different. When you’re a creator, you’re finding the perfect audience who will love what you do.

Quirky creates interest

“Quirky” can be just another word for “interesting.” In art, as in life, juxtaposition creates interest. When the setting of a revered classic book is suddenly inundated with flesh-eating monsters, that is interesting to say the least! Straying from what’s expected is eye-catching and makes people pay attention, ask questions, and engage with what you’re doing. The same old same old can be boring and feel mass-produced. Something odd and quirky is special and stands out as something that sparks people’s curiosity.

Quirky lets you be you

Best of all, quirkiness lets you embrace your weird side and be yourself! Doing things in your own unique way is certainly something we can get behind here at Zazzle (have we mentioned you can customize practically anything with us?). We all have a secret, or even not-so-secret, part of ourselves that still hangs on to our childlike wonder for imagining anything, no matter how nonsensical it might seem. Being your authentic self – quirks and all – is something we can all strive for.

Now, who’s up for a high society zombie movie?


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