Tips for Designing Lampshades

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As you may have noticed, our selection of custom home décor products continues to grow, and has been a hit with both our Designers and our customers. In expanding our offerings for fun home products, we recently added the option with our friends at LampInbox to allow customers to purchase just a lamp shade, in case they’re not looking for an entire standing or hanging lamp.

We’re very excited about all of the new versatility in our lamp category, and can’t wait to show them off even more to our customers. To make sure your store is ready to make the most of the various lamp options, we have a couple tips & tricks for designing lampshades.

  1. If you publish on just the lampshade style, will be displayed on the most cost effective option.
  2. Since these are lamp shades, think about the actual use when designing. You want to make sure light can shine through your design, so think bright and light colors that will complement the luminous lamp.
  3. Lamps can help define “feel” of a room. Some ideas for popular lamp shade themes include: light and bright patterns, whimsical, organic, watercolor, ombré, ikat, brushstrokes
  4. We have a lot of great fabric patterns. If you have some awesome patterns already existing for fabric, take a look through those designs to see how they can apply to the lampshades as well.
  5. Take advantage of negative space! Think about designs with transparent backgrounds, or featuring one central design element.
  6. Illustrations make for perfect additions to kids’ rooms.
  7. Make sure you check our our different material options! You can choose the material that goes best with your design when publishing.
  8. Get inspired by where in the home you envision your lamp: nursery, bedroom, living room, home office and more.

We’re excited to see your new lamp designs! And stay tuned as we continually add to our home décor portfolio!

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