Super Tuesday

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If you’re over 18, a Citizen of the United States and didn’t know today is “Super Tuesday” … well, now you do!

Super Tuesday is a big deal for presidential hopefuls as they continue to campaign and vie for the highest office in the land (of America, that is).  Super Tuesday refers to the day when a dozen states (and 1 territory) hold their nominating contests. It’s when more states vote and more delegates are at stake than on any other single day in the presidential primary campaign.

1,460 delegates are up for grabs (865 for Democrats, 595 for Republicans). With super delegates added in, Super Tuesday will represent rough 22% of all delegates. And that’s a sizable number. The 7 past Super Tuesday winners won the nomination, but not necessarily the White House.One of the basic rights guaranteed by the American Constitution is the right to vote. That may not seem like a big deal, but it is a very important right–only if YOU use it. Your vote is just as important as the President’s (and Kanye West)! If you don’t vote, you can’t participate fully in the democratic process.

Voting is your opportunity to be heard, to hold elected officials accountable for their decisions and to have a say in important issues that affect your community. On Election Day, every vote matters.

If you do vote, you are a participant. If you don’t, you can only be an onlooker.

Don’t waste your time on Facebook or Twitter, that’s all talk. It’s about action.

Less talk, more action. If you haven’t registered to vote, you still have plenty of time before November 6, 2016. Mark it on your calendar, it will be an important day!

Let’s Rock this Vote!

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  1. Not only do we have a responsibility to vote, but to know what’s going on economically, socially and internationally and what works and what doesn’t for our country. No other country has a constitutional history like the U.S. and it’s what makes businesses like Zazzle thrive and people prosper. My dad escaped Socialist Germany in the early 50’s because there were no opportunities and everyone was very poor. I thank God every day that I was raised in the U.S. and have the rights to pursue business and happiness! Vote!

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