4 Ways to Create Digital Art

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In the new landscape of the digital world, creativity is becoming more and more accessible for anyone and everyone. Obviously, we’re big fans of all of the new opportunities for artists and designers to bring their skills to the world of ecommerce, and to share their work with the world online.

Wondering how you can dip your toes into the world of digital art? Here are 4 ways to create your own artwork right from your computer.

1. Start from scratch

When most of us think of digital art, we think of programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. If you want to jump right in to the world of digital art, you can start by creating new works entirely within a program like Photoshop. These programs allow you to draw, paint and more right on a blank digital canvas with your mouse or a digital drawing tablet. (And fixing mistakes is a simple “undo” away!) If Adobe licenses aren’t in your budget, there are free alternatives like GIMP – you can even create some nice digital art in a program like MS Paint, or with drawing apps on devices like an iPad.

2. Amp up your photography

Digital photography is another realm that lends itself perfectly to the world of custom products. Most of us already have some kind of digital camera these days, and the cameras on our smart phones are only getting better and better. Get out into the world and capture some of your favorite images, then take them to the next level when you upload them to your computer. You can again use a program like Photoshop or free online image editors like PicMonkey to adjust your photo, add special effects or create a totally new image from multiple photos. If you’re a social media junkie, you can easily upload all of your favorite snaps right from Instagram onto Zazzle products.

add from instagram

3. Scan physical artwork

If you’re more of a traditional artist, you can easily join the world of digital art as well! Once you’ve created an original artwork like a drawing or painting, you can either photograph or scan it to create a digital image file of your work. Then, you can turn it into something new by creating fine art prints or taking individual elements to build new design ideas on Zazzle products.

watercolor poppy invitation

4. Use our design tool!

Once you have some great graphics ready to go, you can put them all together to create a unique product right in our design tool. Adding text and combining images right on the product itself turns your art into a totally new design. Try different fun fonts, changing background colors, layering your images in different ways and adding customizable templates for an extra creative boost.

design tool digital composite


What kind of digital creation will you make?

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2 thoughts on “4 Ways to Create Digital Art”

  1. Great to see a mention for GIMP – totally free resource, as is inkscape – https://inkscape.org/en/ .

    The adobe photoshop/lightroom plan is a good deal at £8.57 per month, but if you’d like to buy software outright, then affinity designer is available for £39.99.


    Remember that most software providers actually offer a free trial period ranging from 2 weeks to a month. So if you find yourself in a particular bind then download one – you’ll find that they all have the same basic features in common.

  2. Hi,
    Newbie here 🙂 I want to buy an ipad pro 12.9″ so that I can create art for Zazzle products. There are many art apps out there such as ArtRage and PaintStorm. My understanding is that all these apps offer too little a resolution for Zazzle posters etc. I know you can import into PS..but pixelation would be a problem. Does size of iPad matter? Any apps or tips you would suggest? Help?

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