OtterBox-Inspired: Designing for the Product

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It’s always exciting for us to add new products for our Designers to use to show off their creativity. Just last week, we launched OtterBox phone cases, the number one top-selling case in the United States!

OtterBox cases are known for being tough and rugged, built for the most extreme conditions… or just extremely clumsy people (like me)! We launched 3 different styles of OtterBox cases: the Defender, the Commuter and the Symmetry. Unlike some of our other phone cases, both the Defender and Commuter cases feature a cutout to showcase the Apple logo, giving you, the artist, a unique opportunity to incorporate this into your designs.

What do we mean by designing for the product? One example is simply thinking about how your design might be affected by the product’s shape. Make sure that your design is visible! We think the version on the right really shows off this great photo as well as the Apple logo.

Another option is to actually incorporate the product’s shape into your design itself. You can actually highlight the cutout area to make the design even more interesting!

otterbox tips tricks feat img


With that, we wanted to tip our hat to some of the other clever designs on our site! Here are some fun examples of letting the shape and use of the product itself inspire the design.

  1. Don’t be such a square! Round pillows are perfect for thinking outside the box. YUM!

  1. Excuse me, but your rib cage is showing. All over print allows for clever use of space.

  1. Hi mom! Peek-a-boo! See you in a couple months.

  1. Don’t put this baby in the corner! An easy way to shower her with pearls, but also be realistic with how she’s going to take care of them.


  1. And perhaps my favorite design of all time… a modern twist on a classic! Michelangelo had no idea we would appreciate his art so much.

What other inspiring products have you come across? What clever design ideas have you thought of? Share them below!

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