5 Mom-to-Mom Gift Ideas

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Between the tantrums, sleepless nights and the imminent fear of peeing every time you sneeze, the world of motherhood can be a dark and scary place — and us moms have to stick together. So when it comes to Mother’s Day, help a fellow sister out. Here are a few ideas to help the moms in your life survive another day.

  1. Take their kid.

We’re not talking kidnapping here … we’re talking about taking said child off Mom’s hands for a few hours one afternoon or, even better, a whole weekend. Coordinate with a fellow mom and ask if she’d in interested in hosting a play day one afternoon and you’ll host another the following weekend. It’s a win-win situation — the kid-free mom gets, well, a kid-free afternoon, while playdate mom can enjoy a few minutes of free time while her child is entertained with a friend. If you’re a mom yourself, you know how golden a few child-free hours can be. She’ll feel as refreshed as if she’s just returned from a weeklong stay in the Caribbean.

  1. Create a Mom Survival Kit.

Step 1: Place a bottle of wine in a basket or decorative tote.

That’s it. Your work here is done. But if you really want to go the extra mile, you can throw in a few personalized wine accessories, a coffee mug, chocolate and some headphones (you know, so she can tune out the kids).

Alternately, you can dub this an “Oh Shit Kit” and stock a favor bag with car-emergency essentials like tissues, baby wipes, stain remover, tummy medicine, barf bags, bandages and snacks.


  1. A spa day.

I never fully appreciated this gift until I became a mother. Now, the weeks leading up to my birthday, our anniversary and Mother’s Day, I walk around the house complaining about my aching back and commenting on how badly I need a pedicure. My trail of hints has yet to result in a spa gift card, so I’m telling you now: Treat a fellow mom to a personalized robe, a massage, mani and pedi and she’ll be grateful for weeks to come.

  1. A good house cleaning.

If you want to make a mother cry tears of joy, hire someone to give her home a good cleaning. Don’t take her by surprise by having someone just show up at her house — you’re not trying to give her a heart attack here. Give her time to prepare by buying her a gift card from a local cleaning company or letting your housekeeper know that you have a new client for her. Be sure to ask your friend what day and time she’d like to have her house cleaned or give her the contact info directly. This is an especially great gift for new moms.

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  1. Meal delivery service.

Another great gift for a new mom, sign her up for a meal delivery service so she has one less thing to worry about a few nights one week. Not only will she appreciate the time-savings, she’ll also love the variety and healthy alternative a lot of today’s meal delivery services offer. A few to consider are Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, which both deliver fresh ingredients and step-by-step recipe instructions, and Munchery, which delivers ready-to-heat-and-eat meals to your door.

As you see, there are two common themes with the gift ideas noted above: time and relaxation. Because, at the end of the day, isn’t that what every mom wants?

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  1. Hello Erika

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful gift ideas for mom. It’s a totally uncommon gifts. I like all the gifts above but specifically I would like to make a Mom Survival Kit for my mom and I am sure I will make it myself and give to my mom.

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