Maker Moment: Stamp Nouveau

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Today we’re chatting with the Makers behind the family-owned business Stamp Nouveau. Learn more about how they turned a fun hobby into a successful business of custom inked stamps.

Tell us about you!

Stamp Nouveau is a family run business located in Kentucky.  We live on a small 8 acre farm. We love the simple life.  We have one teenage daughter whose schedule is busier than ours. I’m also a part time taxi driver for our teen daughter 🙂

What is your background as a Maker? What got you started making or creating?

Our business started as a hobby for me while my husband was in the Army. I have always loved stationery and started designing to pass the time while my husband was deployed. Over time our little business was growing and we were fortunate enough to make it our full time business.

stampnouveau media1stamp nouveau williams in situ

Tell us a fun or interesting story behind one of the custom stamps you’ve made.

We’ve had the pleasure of making many custom logo stamps for a lot of small businesses. It’s really neat to make new friends and have a small part in getting their business started and watching them grow.


What is your favorite part about being a Maker?

We love the freedom that being a Maker gives us. It’s a great feeling to know that your skills are being put to good use and that those skills are going to continue to grow as your business grows.

stamp nouveau millers envelope

How do you see growing your product lines in the future?

We are constantly creating new designs and tapping into new markets. Stamps can be used for so many different occasions.

Do you have any advice for any would-be Zazzle Makers?

Don’t wait till you have it all figured out and don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.  Just jump in and take a chance.


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  1. I think I’ve found a bright place to make a start.Every thing I’ve read resonates for a crafts person, who enjoys one of a kind that could be mass/limited produced. I design and construct, able to listen to an idea then construct it out of fabric. I like things to work well, fit well and appeal to my eyes in form or color. I have some products on hand.

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