New FanMerch Stores: Orphan Black & More

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Don’t you love it when two awesome things come together to make something even more awesome? So do we! That’s why we’re so excited about some of our newest FanMerch stores, where fans and brands can come together to create some amazing fan-inspired designs.

What’s FanMerch, you ask? FanMerch stores are special stores that allow Designers to submit their unique designs inspired by their favorite brands, shows and more (like Outlander, the US Armed Forces, and Portlandia) to be included in officially licensed stores. All you need to do is read each store’s rules, tag your design appropriately, and submit for consideration. Here’s what’s new!

Orphan Black

This award-winning show from BBC America is about to start its 4th season, and our new FanMerch store is just in time for the premiere that just aired on March 14. Wondering just how popular this show is? Season 3’s premiere drew in a whopping 1.27 million viewers! With an exciting and fast-paced plot and fascinating characters in a world where clones are real, Orphan Black’s popularity seems well-deserved. Ready to share your clone-inspired designs with custom flair? Get started here!



Podcast lovers, this store is for you! We recently partnered with UNDISCLOSED, the follow-up to the extremely popular Serial Podcast! Undisclosed digs even deeper into the case of Adnan Syed, jailed for a murder in the 1990s. The Serial podcast showed evidence that strongly suggested Syed was not the actual killer, and Undisclosed is now working diligently to get him freed from jail. Did you follow along with Serial and its new followup? Share your designs here!

University of California

This next FanMerch store hails from Zazzle’s own backyard. It’s the University of California – but you can call it Cal. Whether you’re a California native, an alum, or just a collegiate sports fan, there’s lots of Cal fun to be had in our new FanMerch store. Show your spirit right here.


Louisiana State University

Another collegiate partner to join the FanMerch family describes itself as “the flagship university for Louisiana, supporting land, sea and space grant research.” Sounds good to us! Get your tiger pride on here.


Michigan State University

Our last collegiate store ready for your creativity hails from the mitten state. Michigan State University is where “Spartans discover solutions for the world’s most challenging problems—from alternative energy to the environment, from health to education.” Cheer on those Spartans here.


Associate Tip of the Week

Mother’s Day Associate banners are now available and we’re including a promotional banner for the current 25% Off Sitewide Mother’s Day Gifts Sale. To place the banner(s) on your blog or website, simply login to your account, click on the banner you would like to use, copy the code in the box, and paste the code on your blog or website! It’s that easy!


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8 thoughts on “New FanMerch Stores: Orphan Black & More”

  1. Hi Liz

    Just wondering if there is anything I can do to get Zazzle to allow me to make posters from the original “Little Shop of Horrors”? The movie is and has always been in PD. When I had posters pulled by Zazzle their reason was that Universal Studios made a remake in 1984 and the title was in copyright, except the titles of movie, books and songs cannot be copyrighted. Thanks, Peter Arteman

  2. Is there a place on Zazzle where I can find a list of stores that accept submissions for FanMerch? I can’t seem to find anything. Thanks!

    1. Hi Nancy,

      We don’t have an official page listing each store just yet, but I believe all of our current FanMerch stores are referenced in this post.


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