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Need a unique gift for a sports fan in your life? Make-a-Ball just joined the Zazzle family and they offer fully customizable sports balls that are perfect to add photos, logos and text to. These balls are especially great for players or coaches to commemorate a winning season or big game. You’re also bound to score big if you personalize and give these balls as groomsman gifts, employee recognition awards or at corporate events.

Check out these fun, new offerings:

Baseballs and Softballs

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Made of two panels of high gloss synthetic leather that are hand sewn together, these regulation size balls are the perfect gift for any baseball and softball fan.

Each of the 2 panels is a separate design area and allows for 2 different designs. Switch between the panels by using the ‘Design Area’ drop down.

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Available in 2 sizes, a 9.5” regulation size and a cute 6” mini size, these basketballs are a wonderful keepsake for b-ball fans. Both sizes have two panels that can be designed independently. Switch areas by using “Design Area” dropdown and sizes using “Style options”.

Soccer Balls

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The soccer balls have a single design area and are available in regulation size. Its design area makes it perfect for team photos, from world champs to hometown heroes!


Our customizable footballs are available in two sizes and styles. A design can be put on either 1 panel or you can put 2 different designs on the 2 separate panels.

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Choose the style switcher to select the different options.

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Quick tips –

  1. Make sure your design, the product title and style you publish match who the product is meant for so that it can be found quickly.
  2. All of these products are hand stitched, so ensure you leave enough bleed and room on the sides so that your full designs are preserved.
  3. Since each product has multiple design areas, ensure that you pick the right view that showcases your design when posting for sale.
  4. We recommend using templates while designing these products. Templates make it easier for your customers to swap in their own photos and team names and numbers.
  5. These balls are not designed for rugged team play. They should be used more as mementos and are for display purposes only.

Whether these balls are given as keepsakes or awards, they’ll be cherished for years to come. Have more tips and tricks up your sleeve? Share with us!

Till the next time – Happy designing!

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