Video: What’s User Generated Content?

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Let’s take a moment to watch this week’s Zazzle Chat! This week, we’re learning about User Generated Content! Learn everything from what an in-situ shot is to the importance of UGC in our beautiful Inspiration Gallery

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One thought on “Video: What’s User Generated Content?”

  1. THANK YOU for this video/info on UGC!
    So very helpful to me and I will definitely put your suggestion into practice for my store..Giftmeplease.
    I am hoping to also have a website soon to generate more traffic…fingers crossed as I continue to get it finalized. Not fully understanding how to technically use various outlets has drastically impacted my sales. (I am a professional AutoCAD person and can do ANYTHING on it, but not so much on other venues. The easiest part of Zazzle for me is just Designing and keeping up with my own imagination. That probably rings a bell with many Designers out there!
    So, thanks again and I will continue to read your future Blogs! I enjoy them.

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