Tips and Tricks: Self-Inking Stamps by Hampton Technologies

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A stamp, a signature, a signoff – a hallmark that is truly personal! Customizable rubber stamps are a recent addition to Zazzle’s product offering and we want to tell you more about how to design on them!

We are super excited to share with you these fantastic rubber stamps by Hampton Technologies. With the launch of these stamps, we have also introduced new functionality that will help you showcase your designs in some fantastic new ways. Let’s quickly catch you up on everything we’ve been working on!

The Basics

We’ve launched Rubber Stamps in three styles – Pocket Stamps for those who are always on-the-go, Self-inking Stamps for desk or office use and Wood Art Stamps, ideal for crafts.

While Pocket Stamps come in a single standard size, the Self-Inking Stamps and Wood Art Stamps are available in six sizes each. The exteriors of the stamp casings and their ink can also be customized in a variety of colors.


New Functionality

The new functionality we’ve added to our design tool is that you’ll now have two options for how your images will appear on imprint. Images can now be displayed as either ‘solid’ or ‘etched’ designs.

The Solid filter is recommended for graphics such as logos and vector art, where the rubber is engraved with either curved or straight lines.

The Etched filter is best for photographs and other complex illustrations. Choosing this style means that the image will be recreated using lines of varying thicknesses, mimicking the dark and light variations that appear in a photo.

With either filter, you can select the degree of contrast on the image by horizontally scrolling through varying gradations until you land on one you like.

The contrast determines how dark or light the lines will appear in the detail of the imprint when stamped.

The following is the process for creating a design using both the Solid filter and Etching filter:






Now that you have some understanding of the new functionality, let’s answer a few questions you may have.

  1. How can I change the filter style on an image?

Let’s say you’ve added an image to the designable area of the stamp after selecting the filter style you think you want. To change the filter style to the other one, the current image will have to be removed from the design area and added in again.

  1. Do filters apply to text too?

Filters apply to images only. Letters that are added using Zazzle’s text tool are always engraved using the solid filter technology. If you wish to have your text look like it has been etched, create and save the letters or words out as an image file before uploading.

  1. What is the smallest font size that can be displayed and still look good?

The stamps are produced in a way to ensure that font sizes as small as 9 pt. can be imprinted with clarity. Smaller font sizes may cause the ink to smudge, leading to unclear imprints.

  1. Why do fine lines in my image disappear on upload?

When ink is applied to areas where lines are very close together to each other, the lines can sometimes bleed between engraved surfaces which cause a loss of detail. Please preview your design to ensure it translates to what you want to see in the imprint.

  1. Can I layer my images?

Images can definitely be layered. Please be aware that the layering of images with transparent backgrounds is not possible.

  1. Do images resize when switching between stamp sizes?

Images retain their original size when the stamp size is switched. However, if you switch from a larger stamp to a smaller one, the smaller one may have less details where the fine lines bleed into one another.

We hope you enjoy designing these stamps and we’re excited to see what you produce!



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