Featured Wedding: Melissa & Carl

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“Their’s is a love that can keep them warm from the cold. And that day, it did. As the wind roared and the rain came down, they stood close and held each other tight. Not caring about the chill around them or the mist that hit their skin. Simply thinking about the promise they would make to each other later that day, and the memories that would be made in all the days to follow. Because in just a few hours, the rest of forever would officially begin . . . .” – Sarah & Ben Photography

We’re suckers for a beautiful love story and swoon over stunning wedding photography, so when we saw these images from Tampa based photography team, Sarah & Ben, we knew that we needed to make space to share them!

This team recently photographed the wedding of Melissa and Carl whose attention to detail struck the perfect balance of “simple” and “sparkle.”

© 2016 Sarah & Ben Photography
© 2016 Sarah & Ben Photography  |  Invitations by Plush Paper Design for Zazzle
sarahben dress
© 2016 Sarah & Ben Photography

Congratulations, Melissa and Carl, from all of us at Zazzle! To see more stunning images from their big day, visit Sarah & Ben Photography.

For more real-life wedding inspiration, take a peek at some images from our #Zazzle Gallery:

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