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If I had to give you the bronze/silver/gold medal moments in my life, they would be as follows:

  • Bronze – The guitar I received as a Christmas gift from my BFF Shiloh
  • Silver – The time I met Dennis Rodman (my favorite basketball player EVER!) in a Versace store in Las Vegas when I was a teenager
  • Gold – My wedding day


No, that last one is not just a cheap way to suck up to my wife (love you, baby!). It is the honest truth. It was where my entire life and group of friends got the chance to interact with my wife, her family, and her friends. Our two worlds merged over a weekend of fun and revelry, and it’s something I hope that everyone has the chance to feel in their lifetime.

In the spirit of love, Zazzle has updated our wedding page to help you put together not only a wonderful day, but wonderful events surrounding your wedding. Check out some of the products we have to help you plan.

Save the Date Cards


Like an appetizer comes before the main course arrives at your table, save the date cards are sent out as a way to announce your wedding date before you send out the formal invitations. They are usually sent out up to 6 months prior to your wedding to give guests ample time to request time off, book a plane flight, and make hotel reservations. It may also give them enough time to come up with a good excuse for why they cannot make your nuptials (kidding, kidding. Who would do something like that?!?)


1The next step in the process of putting together your wedding day, sending out wedding invitations says “Oh yeah, this just got real.” In the same envelope as your wedding invitations you’ll want to include RSVP cards, meal options (if you are providing different choices), and wedding website information if you choose to set one up.

You can even find invitations for your bachelorette and bachelor parties, rehearsal dinners, and bridal showers! Why have only one party when you can have several to celebrate your impending marriage?

Wedding Stamps, Envelopes, & Labels  

How can you beautify and send out your mailings without any of these accessories? Whether you’ve chosen one of the designs already on our site, or used our tool to create your own custom wedding materials, you can match those designs for your mailing materials. How amazing does it look when every piece of a wedding suite that you receive matches? Impress your guests with your style!

Day of Details


Not only can you purchase all the essentials you need to send out prior to your wedding day, but you can buy supplies for the day of as well! Hand out favors with items like stickers, can coolers, mason jars, and wine charms. Find wonderful bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts like flip flops, flasks, bow ties, cufflinks, shirts, and money clips. You can even get necessities for your tables like menu and table cards, programs, paper napkins, LED candles, coasters, paper straws, and so much more!

Plan Your Wedding with Zazzle

With our vast selection of products and designs, Zazzle is the best place to help you create the perfect style and ambiance for your wedding. We have almost everything you need to help your day be as beautiful in execution as you imagined in your fondest dreams. For every stage of your big event we can help you decorate, design, and have the best time possible. Check out our wedding page and start putting together your wedding day with Zazzle!

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