Wedding Wednesday: 6 Unique Save the Date Ideas

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Calling all brides and grooms who are looking to take their save the date to new levels of OMG. Your wedding day is going to be (wait for it) legendary. So, why shouldn’t your save the date set that same memorable tone? In honor of your one-of-a-kind love, we’ve rounded up a collection of one-of-a-kind save the date ideas we practically guarantee you haven’t received before.

  1. Pencil Them In

Take it back to the old school with a No. 2 pencil customized with your names and wedding date on it. Attach a custom favor tag or card that says “Pencil Us In.”

  1. Treat Them

Most save the dates end up in the trash can — this one can end up in their tummies. Forrest Gump said so himself: “Love is like a box of chocolates” … or is that life? Same difference. Either way, a Save the Date box of chocolates is bound to make a delicious first impression. Just make sure your instructions are clear: First, save the date. Then, eat me.

  1. Piece It Together

There’s nothing wrong with making guests work a bit for their reward. Create a custom puzzle featuring your favorite photo, wedding destination and of course, your wedding date. It’s sure to be a conversation starter at cocktail hour, before the bar opens.


  1. Deal Them In

Your guests will know they’re in for a good time when they receive your save the date/their new set of playing cards in the mail. Add your photo, wedding destination and1 2 3 custom message (e.g., Bet on a good time, Deal yourself in, We’re going all in) along with your wedding date.

Playing cards.

  1. Start the Pre-Party

Because nothing says “Let’s get this party started” like a paper party hat. Add your wedding date and customize it with a design that reflects your wedding theme and guests will start the party long before the cocktails start flowing.

Paper party hats

  1. Serve It Up

For a save the date message that will truly get their attention, customize a drink koozie or coaster with the following message: Free Drinks … and we’re also getting married. XX.XX.XXXX




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