Instant Style to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Furniture

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The inside of your house is immaculate, why not make sure the outside matches? Zazzle now offers 100% machine washable Outdoor Pillows! Here are some easy tips to help you accent your perfect outdoor oasis.

  1. Find colors that enhance

Choose outdoor pillows that go well with other objects in your space. Make sure to take account of your existing furniture, plants, and even the color of your home. Vibrant colors and beautiful patterns make things more visually interesting and brighten up your fun and unique personal space.

  1. Compliment, don’t compete

If you have a beautiful view, make sure your pillows compliment and don’t compete for attention! Cool blues, greens and warm earth tones help connote a more serene, calming effect.

  1. Don’t forget to think ‘Inside the House’

Outdoor spaces are often overlooked by large indoor windows or glass doors. Be sure to choose cushions and furnishing that enhance your indoor décor while making the outdoor area an extension of your larger living area.

What other tips do you have?








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