Tips and Tricks: 4 Tips for Selling on Global Domains

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You’ve built your store, you’ve built a social media following, and you’re seeing a nice amount of repeat customers who love to shop your designs. It may feel as if you’ve peaked, but Zazzle has domains in a number of different countries where you can sell your work. It isn’t as easy as just flipping a switch, but we are here to help you extend the reach of your designs with 4 tips on how to sell on Zazzle’s global domains.

  1. Start with, the US site, for the most reach

Zazzle stores are published across all domains so that potential customers may shop within an environment that is tailored to their needs. So once you post a product up for sale, that product and PID is the same across all domains. Unfortunately, there is no option to select what product is posted for sale in which domain. Some products are also not available on international sites but only .com (ex. custom envelopes, stamps, etc.). Any product posted for sale on, the US site, will be auto-translated on our international websites. If you’d like a French-specific product to be posted for sale in French on, you might want to post there first in French and then it would be auto-translated to English for the English domains. It’s your choice.

  1. Use your language expertise for local domains

Since all products posted for sale will be up across all domains, most international designers post on the, US site. However, if you would like to post in the German language, then please post on Then Zazzle will auto-translate to English. So we recommend that you only post in English on the US site, but if you want to use your local language, then you can post on that local site.

  1. Focus on currency for your payment

We recommend that you focus on whatever site/currency that you want to be paid out in. Zazzle bases currency for payment upon the origin of the account. For example, if you create your primary store through the site, your earnings will be paid in US Dollars, whereas if you open it through, you will be paid in GBP or Euro.

  1. Act on local trends

We suggest that you act on local trends – focusing on a unique design will increase your sales potential. Also, you might like to write a design description that is very detailed, with a lot of keywords, and relevant tags. It’s important to describe the product in detail. A proper product title, design description, and tags will increase your ranking in Zazzle search results as well as the search engines. We also recommend that designers focus on local holidays – but please start very early! For example, we are always looking for localized Christmas cards that have templates in local languages – British English, French, German, Spanish – that’s a big one. Many international designers use the Collections feature to share their products that are grouped around a single theme – you can share that Collection via social media, or your blog, and then send traffic to your store.

*Whew*. Who knew that you could do so much with your Zazzle store and designs?!? We encourage you to take advantage of our international domains to extend the reach of your store and cater to a whole new audience. By following these 4 steps you may come closer to maximizing your reach and your earnings. Happy globalizing, everyone!



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  1. Hello Jamal, how are you?
    Listen, I resubmitted my profile a few days ago and I have already published some items for sale, some of them were created on my home site ( and two others were created on the site (.com). I’m from Brazil, and my intention is to look for new markets, since my country is going through a very precarious financial situation and people are not buying. So, do you think that I should publish all my products in (.com) only, so that I have a greater chance of selling? If so, how could I advertise my products outside my country? Is it possible?
    Awaiting your reply!
    Thanks a lot!

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