Featured Associate: Tammy Tso from Give A Fluff

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Today we’re speaking with Tammy Tso, a graphic designer and animal lover. Tammy is the creator of the website Give A Fluff which focuses on helping animals, building a brand by engaging the community, and where all the “ideas, sketches and products are meant to make you smile.”


Tell us a little about you! 

I’m an artist/designer from Atlanta (residing in Houston). I have a huge passion for animals and grew up with all sorts. I have a passion for a lot of very different things and am always trying to find a way to balance them all. I’m a huge dreamer and always have new ideas I’d like to pursue.


What is your background in? 

I worked for 10 years as a graphic designer (both for companies and for myself) until I took the leap and created my brand Give A Fluff. I am both the owner and designer for the brand.


How did you get started with Zazzle? How did you hear about us?

Being a small brand with limited resources, it was hard to offer a wide selection of certain kinds of products such as mugs. I spent some time deciding on what print-on-demand service I wanted to use and ended up choosing Zazzle. I currently use Zazzle to offer all my mug designs.


How do you promote Zazzle products (own website, social media, ect.) and what tools do you use (linking, API, RSS feed, etc.)? How do you choose what products to promote? Which areas do you find the most success in?

We set up listings on our website that link directly to the products on Zazzle. I promote our mugs similar to how I promote our other products. To me, it’s all part of what I offer through Give A Fluff. When there are good sales or offers from Zazzle, we promote those to allow people to take advantage of them.


What new Associate Program features would you like to see on Zazzle?

I would love if there was a Zazzle app that would allow you to connect your online store with Zazzle so brands like mine could create a more seamless experience for the customer.

What advice would you give to a new Associate starting to promote Zazzle products?

I think the key to successfully selling via Zazzle is to build interest in what you offer outside of it. When you grow an audience for what you offer, it’s a lot easier to get people to take advantage of your Zazzle products.

Take a look at these inspiring Instagram snaps from fans of Give A Fluff! 

Instagram image by @itziponz
Instagram image by @gq_dudley
Instagram image by @mochathecorgi
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4 thoughts on “Featured Associate: Tammy Tso from Give A Fluff”

  1. Nice article….I love your Artwork!

    I’m an animal lover too
    I’m new on Zazzle, and I’m hooked on the creation process. Zazzle is awesome!
    Thanks for the great information

    Sheila of Robbins Design
    Zazzle Store: ARainbowAboveYou

  2. Good article….I like your work !
    I’m an animal veterinary doctor too and I’m new on Zazzle, and I’m hooked on the creation process. Zazzle is awesome !
    Thanks for the great information

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