4 Tips for Tagging Your Designs on Zazzle

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Welcome to the wonderful world of designing on Zazzle!

Whether you are a first timer or a long timer, there are many different tips and tricks that can help your designs surface in our search. So get ready for today’s fun tip: tagging your designs!

Before we do, let’s discuss what tags are and where you can find them on Zazzle.

What Are Tags?

Tags are the way that we help designers group their designs together so that customers can find them. We allow you to add ten Power Tags for your designs, and this should be enough to place your designs on various pages on our site. Power tags will be considered for Zazzle site search and they are essential to ensure that your products are correctly indexed by our internal product directory. Make sure that the tags you use are the keywords customers would use to search for a product. A couple of things to remember about our tagging system:

  • The tags you use should only be descriptive of your design; they should not include anything about the product they’re associated with
  • Focus on the design, and do not add words like “custom,” personalized,” or related terms
  • Be sure to mirror any key terms you have used in your design title
  • Use singular or plural word when it makes sense, e.g. you only need to tag ‘wedding’ for your wedding stamp to show up on our ‘wedding stamps’ search results. You can tag ‘weddings’ if you are specifically target ‘weddings stamps’ search results which has lower search volume.
  • Individual tags should have a minimum of 3 characters.
  • Build your tags around phrases, not just individual words. Phrases should not exceed 5 words. In order to input phrases correctly, use quotation marks around the whole phrase
  • Bad Example: spongebob, squarepants, pineapple, under, the, sea, sandy, cheeks, patrick, star
  • Better Example: spongebob squarepants, pineapple under the sea, sandy cheeks, patrick star

Where Are Tags Located?

You can add your tags in the “Edit product details” section of the designer sign up process:

How Do Tags Work?

You’ll notice two rows of tags that mirror each other. This is not a mistake. Each row of tags leads to different pages on our site. Since your tags will be used for both rows be sure you choose terms/phrases that will makes sense with the product appended at the end of them.

And now, let’s cover tips on how to best choose your terms/phrases!

Tip #1 – Brainstorm Common Terms

What are some of the words you would use to describe your design? If you were looking for the design you created, what words would you use to search for it on Zazzle? Use these as your starting point for your tags.

Tip #2 – Research Tags on Zazzle

Once you have a list of words that you think you would use to search for your design, the next step is to check out how other designers use their tags to surface in our search. If you see a couple of designs that you think are very similar to your own, check out how they use their tags. You may be able to see how they have achieved some success with their method of tagging their designs.

Tip #3 – Use Google’s Keyword Planner for Additional Research

Being surfaced in our search for the list of tags you have is good, but are people searching on the wider Internet using any of these terms? That’s where using the Google keyword planner comes into play. It is a great way to check the monthly search volume for the words you plan on using as tags, as well as offering some related terms you might what to use. In this way you can make sure that people are looking for designs like yours in search engines using the terms you have on your list.

Tip #4 – Audit Your Successful Designs

Nothing breeds success like more success, so if you have been adding designs for a while and a couple of them are doing really well, audit them against your less successful designs. If you are new to designing on Zazzle check out the designs that show up on the first page of different search pages and see what tags they use. You may not be able to mimic all of them, but seeing how others are making their designs show up may give you some ideas, along with using the above tips.

Now that you have a couple of tips, it’s time to tag your designs, or go back and edit your tags to make your current designs more successful. Happy designing!!!



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8 thoughts on “4 Tips for Tagging Your Designs on Zazzle”

  1. “Focus on the design, and do not add words like “custom,” personalized,” or related terms.”
    I did not know this! I have been adding those tags to the designs I made to be personalized. Yikes.

  2. Thanks so much for this helpful info. I too did not know custom and personalized should not be used in tags. Thanks for helping with our success!

  3. Are the individual words, and/or any combinations of the words, in a multiword tags likely to put the product on the Z SERP?
    For instance, if the 5-word tag is: “cute funny blue cartoon elephant” would the following tags be SERP-worthy? “cute blue elephant” “cute funny cartoon” “funny elephant” “elephant cute”

    1. Hi, Multiword tags work better if the product is trying to show up for those exact search terms, otherwise, the single word form already allows the product to show for different word combination. Hope this helps!

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