Check Out Our New Earnings Page!

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We have updated the earnings page to make it easier for you to review your cleared, pending and canceled payments. So what’s new? Let’s take a look.

1.) Before, when your monthly payments were canceled, there was no indication on why, but now, there is a helpful tool tip that shows you why your payment has been delayed. We’ve also added links to the Payment Settings page and to the Zazzle Help Center for your convenience.


2.) The second update on the earnings page is a pointer to provide you with information about how the canceled amounts are calculated so you have a better understanding of your canceled payments..


We hope you enjoy these new updates and as a reminder, we’d like to recommend that you review your Payment Settings to ensure that all information is correct so you always get paid on time. For more detailed instructions on how to fill out your Payment Settings, take a look at this help article.



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4 thoughts on “Check Out Our New Earnings Page!”

  1. Thanks for the breakdowns. We however also need to have something explaining when it is safe to change our address or phone number and not lose our next pay day?

    It does not clearly indicate that but says it may take up to 30 days. Can we have this updated please? Thank you

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