Think Outside the Crib: 3 Unique Gender-Neutral Nursery Themes

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For many expectant parents (including myself) decorating the nursery is one of the most exciting parts about getting ready for your little human. It’s an opportunity to express your personal style and flex those interior design muscles. It’s also a way to jumpstart your little one’s interest in a particular topic. You can always default to a classic nursery theme, such as safari or classic pink and blue. But if you’re looking for a few different theme ideas, we’ve got just the list you’re looking for.

Once Upon a time … Storybook Theme

This gender-neutral theme can take on so many iterations depending on your taste in stories. Start by choosing your “theme within a theme.” Pick your favorite literary series or book, such as …


Mother Goose

A classic choice with a vintage feel. Choose a soft color for the walls to complement the old-school Mother Goose illustrations, whether it’s blue, green, pink or a soft gray.


Mother Goose Nightlight

Little Bo Peep Vintage Nursery Rhyme Fabric

Humpty Dumpty Coat Rack

Hey Diddle Nursery Rhyme Pouf

Cow Jumped Over the Moon Baby Blanket


The Hungry Caterpillar

A playful theme with a bold, modern touch. Set a bold tone with a brightly colored wall or keep it lighter and let your accessories do the babbling for you.


The Hungry Caterpillar Lamp

The Hungry Caterpillar Nightlight

The Hungry Caterpillar Baby Fleece Blanket

Bonus: The Hungry Caterpillar doubles as a storybook and bug theme (see below).


Peter Pan

Whimsical, fantastical and rich with imagination, this theme can go ultra girly with a Tinkerbell focus, or purely magical with a starry night-style look.

This Grown Up Thing Nightlight

Peter Pan Pillow


Peter and Wendy Wrapped Canvas Print

A Little Sparkle Lamp

If you can’t choose just one, weave in various different books and move references throughout the room.

Land of Stories Pillow

Whimsical World Pillow


Don’t forget to create a reading nook and fill it with your favorite tales.

Storage Cubes


And remember: not every single aspect of your nursery has to “show” your theme. Choose a color palette that reflects it and work in 3-4 items, whether it’s crib sheets, a throw pillow or a lamp to really bring home your happy design ending.



An Out of This World Space Theme

This is one seriously cool theme that we don’t see an awful lot. It’s definitely a gender-neutral choice that can spark a kid’s interest in science, exploration and adventure. Set the scene by painting the walls a stormy blue, bright yellow or gray. For a more feminine look, look for a purplish-gray or pale yellow.


Focus on a moon and stars motif …

Personalized Moon and Stars Nightlight

Moon and Stars Pillow


Purple Cloud Moon and Stars Nursery Fabric


Or take a planetary or space travel/astronaut approach.

Saturn Throw Pillow

Astronaut Pouf

Earth Moon and Planets Tripod Lamp

Space Astronaut Pattern Fabric


You could even focus on cute-but-not-scary aliens.

Alien Wall Art

Cute Martians Table Lamp

Alien Hugger Fabric


Bug Out!

Pick a bug, any bug, “bee” it a bumblebee, butterfly, dragonflies, ladybug or a “hungry little caterpillar” (see storybook entry above). Start with green or blue walls to give the room to give the room a grass or sky vibe. Then, let your bug of choice drive your color selections from there! And remember to think outside the box — a ladybug nursery doesn’t have to be all red and black and a bumblebee nursery doesn’t have to be all yellow and black. Find an item, whether it’s a piece of fabric or a pillow, that you love, and let that be your jumping off point.


Little Ladybug Nightlight

Blue and Green Ladybugs Fabric

Dragonflies and Ladybug Fabric


Q is for Pillow


Honeybee Pouf

Buzz About Bees Stroller Blanket

Honeycomb Table Lamp

Honeycomb Fabric


Insects De    co Clock

Bugs Throw Pillow

Rainy Day Friends Baby Blanket


The best part about creating your nursery with Zazzle is that you can personalize nearly anything, creating a nursery that is truly unique to your one-of-a-kind little person.

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