Designer Newsletter v.1.0 — sent out on 08/12/16

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Designer Newsletter
Welcome to your one-stop shop for all of Zazzle’s best blog posts, videos, and new products from the past month. We’ve brought them all together in one easy-to-peruse newsletter. Enjoy!
Designer Newsletter - News
Find out what’s happening at Zazzle that impacts you!
Exact Phrase Search is Now Live >
    New Options for Sorting Products >
Update to Earnings History Page >
    We’ve Added a Technical Issues Forum >
The Take Down Process for Amazon Infringements >     We’ve Added New Fonts >
A Quick Way to Add to Collections >     New Ford Fan Merch Store >
New Products
Just because we’ve launched it doesn’t mean you’ve seen it.
Here are some of our latest product offerings!
New Products
\Zazzle Heart Collection >     Modify Watches >     Rubber Stamps >     Floor Mats >
Candles >     Acrylic Wall Art – split your design across 3 panels >
Napkin Bands >     Softballs >     Baseballs >     Basketballs >
Hockey Pucks >     Bunting Flags >
Zazzle Chats + Videos
How to Make Money Designing for Fan Merchandise >
Be a Part of Fanmade’s Artistic Partner Program >
Let’s Get Social >     How to Design for Rubber Stamps >
Recent Blog Posts
5 Tips for Creating Great Products >     Check Out Our New RSS Feed Features >
Four Tips for Selling on Global Domains >
Meet Jessica Swift of Pattern Camp >
Earn Referrals with Associate Banners >
5 Tips on How to Write Killer Product Descriptions >
Featured Designer
Psychedelic Zen Psychedelic Zen
Rebecca Wang shares how nature and animals, as well as Celtic and Asian design, influence her art. Learn More
Healing Lotus Wolf Aurora Rainbow Trout Chinese Dragon
Are you new to designing on Zazzle? Let us help you get started >
We promise 100% satisfaction.
If you don’t absolutely love it, we’ll take it back!
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2 thoughts on “Designer Newsletter v.1.0 — sent out on 08/12/16”

  1. Hi Katrina,

    I received the Designer Newsletter and LOVED it. Just PACKED with valuable info, some of which I might have missed entirely had it not been for you taking the time to create this wonderful new offering for designers.

    MANY, many thanks! The layout is superb and makes it so easy to grab the content which I missed. I don’t know know often these newsletters will release, but I for one will appreciate each and every one of them!

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